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The website states that this writing service has been in business since 1997. 22 years is a long time. Essay Pro sports a website that is relatively well-organized with links for explanations of its services, about the company, FAQ, how to order, reviews, and a blog. Navigation is easy. In preparing our review of the company, we used all of the content on the website, posted reviews, pricing, quality of customer support services, comments and feedback that some of our site users submitted, and any other information we could find on the web regarding product quality. The following is the result of all that we have found.

Products and Services You’ll Find

The company serves only students, but students at all grade levels. This means that products range from a basic high school essay all the way up to Ph.D. dissertations, and everything in between that. It also offers homework help in any subject, college admissions essays, and editing, proofreading, and re-writing services. In this respect, then, it can be considered certainly a full-service agency.

The business model is not unique but is one that is used by a minority of writing services in the industry. When students decide to place an order, they complete a detailed form of the type of product or service they need, leave their email address, and wait for bids to arrive. They then have the opportunity to “interview” each candidate via a messaging platform. Once they have selected a writer and agreed upon a price for the project, the student places the fee on account with the company to be released once the task is completed to satisfaction.

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The Real Proof – Writer Expertise and Quality of Products

There is a link titled “Our Team” on the home page. This will take students to the full list of available writers, complete with photos and a brief profile. The profiles include how many pieces the writer has completed, in what subject areas s/he writes, and some customer reviews. 

No information is provided about academic background and experience. It is the responsibility of the student to ask about this during the “interview” process. And this could get a bit time-consuming for the customer.

To gauge the quality of products and writers` expertise, we have had to rely on what customers have had to say about their experiences. The reviews are mixed.

  • Some state that they were disappointed in the final product and had to request several revisions. This pushed them up against deadlines they were facing for submitting their pieces to instructors.
  • Some were satisfied with their products and said they would probably use the same writer in the future.
  • Some expressed concerns about the quality of resources used in research, especially at the college level. They wanted more original, primary source materials, as opposed to secondary ones.

Here is our conclusion in the area of quality and expertise: Customer satisfaction is wholly based upon the writer they select, and that puts a lot of onus on students who may not be the best judges of writer quality through an “interview” process. The company itself does not get involved in this selection process at all. 

While is a legal and reliable service, students must understand that they have a lot of responsibility in this process.

Now the Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

Essay Pro prices fall within the average range, with the minimum being $11 per page. Again, the final price for an order is whatever the customer and writer agree upon.
The company accepts all major bank cards in payment, and customers should have no concerns about security. The company uses an SSL-certified third-party processor for payments – a safe method, to be sure. 
There are no discounts on this business model. Again, the price is totally a result of what customers and writers agree upon.

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What If You Need Help? Can You Find It Easily?

This is a bit of an issue. There are six customer support reps profiled on the website. Contact information, though, is a bit obscure and will take some digging. There is no phone number or live chat feature, and urgent issues may not always be handled urgently. We would suggest that the company set up better contact methods.

The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful, the Ugly

In terms of being reliable, this company does deliver an ordered product, although the quality is somewhat mixed. The issues we have are the same we have with any writing service that uses this business model. 

  • There is not a lot of screening for accepting writers. Writers simply register on the site, state the topic areas and types of writing/editing, etc. they do, and that’s about it. If the company thoroughly vetted writing candidates, there would not be such a variance in product quality.
  • Students are often rather desperate and need immediate help. In this situation, they are not likely to take a lot of time holding discussions with bidders. They will often look at prices first and take a writer they can afford, hoping for the best.

For these two reasons alone, we would assign a rating of 3, on a scale of 1-5.

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Reviewed Essay Pro

They respond fast and the customer support agent is super friendly, yay for the customer support! Unfortunately, there is a huge trouble with their delivery. I received a draft and by draft I mean the work in progress file, with writer's notes, some sources (s)he used etc. Of course, it had no structure and I could barely understand what was going on in the text. Later I was notified that the writer had lost the finished file and had to do the job again. And since other order kept coming, the writer took about a week after the deadline to deliver me the proper paper.

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Reviewed Essay Pro

Poor quality and too much hustle and bustle. Not recommended.

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Reviewed Essay Pro

I wouldn`t recommend you to use this service unless you have a lot of money to waste. Unprofessional writers, unfriendly support staff and pricey services. There is nothing good I can mention about this company.

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Reviewed Essay Pro

They delivered my paper on time. That`s where pros of this service end. Unprofessional writers, poor quality, impolite staff. I wouldn`t recommend it to anyone.

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Reviewed Essay Pro

The quality was low and the writer didn`t even bother to use the proper format. This service sucks!

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