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Welcome to our discounts page! 

When you visit the websites of academic writing services, you will notice that many of them offer various discounts such as, special offers for the first order - these are discounts offered to students who are making their first order from a writing service; discounts for returning visitors - the more orders you place, the higher discount is; seasonal and special holiday promos - New Year, Summer Sale, Back to School promo and much more. 

Many of these are worth pursuing, however many are simply attempts by less than stellar writing services to entice customers. There are some other things to be wary of as well. For example, a writing service may have already included an essay writing service discount on their published prices. So, when you use the discount, the amount you pay doesn’t change. Other services offer discounts but charge extra for services that should be included in the base price. It is definitely a buyer beware world these days!

Finally, be wary of essay coupons posted on other websites. Unless they are officially sanctioned by the writing service you are using, they may not be any good. Contact customer service before you try to use a coupon code from another website.

We recommend that students read our reviews and do their own investigating before they choose a writing service. Then, they can look into discounts. Keep reading here, for more information about the various types of discounts that are offered to students.

We encourage our visitors to view our discounts page on a regular basis. Whenever we find them, we will share information on discount offers from trustworthy writing services.

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