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When you are very tight on the deadlines and clashing your assignments, without having so much time as to rest, you might feel you are very close to the edge. This is what Paper per Hour promises to do: to relieve you of your stress and problems by applying for a team of professionals. Regardless of your deadline, they claim that they can handle even the toughest deadline on every subject.

That said, how true are they to their word? Are they legal to hire? Will you actually get professional, high-quality writing? Considering that your grade depends on this, it’s understandable why you’d want to be thorough. This review will tell you exactly what to expect and whether or not this website is a good alternative to writing the paper yourself. 

The Products and Services You Will Find

Paper per Hour provides services and products that most writers of the kind tend to provide. They advertise timely delivery, 24/7 access to the customer support service, money-back guarantees in case you do not like the paper that you were given, as well as a variety of writing services.

All in all, the services on this web page were categorized in 3 different ways: academic writing services (including essay writing, term papers, and research papers), dissertation writing services (from the proposal and up to the final dissertation project), and professional proofreading and editing services. Therefore, even if you want a paper written from scratch or you have your own paper that only needs some tweaks, this service should be able to cover you.

They also provide a customer service that you can contact at all times – but they will only respond when someone is available. If no agents are available to take standard phone calls, you will have to sign in and give them an email. In this case, it might take quite some time until you get an actual response. If you are in a hurry and need your paper done very fast, then this might cause some issues for you. 

The website also has a blog where visitors may go to learn tips and tricks where writing is involved. This is a feature that not many writing services offer, but they are great information sources for those who want to write their projects by themselves. It is also suggestive that the writers there have the basics down for writing an essay. 

The Real Proof – Writer Experience and Quality of Products

One thing that you will notice right away upon doing some quick research is that there is barely any mention of this website on the internet, aside from their website. By going to their “About Us” page, you can see that they boast talented writers with the experience that have Master’s or Ph.D. degrees. 

However, the only thing that you may do is believe their word on it, because you cannot get any proof of who the writers are. Their page has a section for “Best Writers of the Month,” but the profiles look fake – and cannot even be accessed. If we were to believe their word on it, however, each writer is an expert in a certain domain, at least according to their profiles.

Moreover, when you place your order for a paper, you may opt for a standard writer, an intermediate writer (with knowledge of English and the subject), and a native writer. Here, it begs to differ just how knowledgeable the “standard” writers are if the intermediate ones are said to have the preparation and background knowledge.

We were able to find some mentions about their efficiency, and there were some mixt opinions. For example, the customer reviews on their website claim that their services are of the highest quality, and that they received well-written papers by the deadline that they have set.

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

While the website has no particular page where you can see their prices, you may calculate the price based on your needs. For example, if you were to take one page of a standard college essay on a 14-day deadline, it will cost you $13. The shorter the deadline, and the higher the level, the heftier the price will be. 

What goes in your essay will also affect the price. For instance, while the references are free of charge, there are separate price points for charts and PowerPoint slides. For example, a chart in your essay generally costs $2, whereas a PowerPoint slide costs $10. Obviously, the more you need in your project, the higher the price range will go.

Additional features might also add to the price point. For instance, if you need the paper urgently, you may go for an urgent writer assignment. This will cost you $8 extra. You may also go for an originality report which will cost you $24, and you may also ask that your paper includes an abstract. This will raise the price point by $3. 

Obviously, if you change the writer category, the price will also be affected. A standard writer will have a standard price, but an intermediate writer will have a 20% higher price. The prices for these writers are higher since they not only are proficient in the language but the field of study too. Seniors writers will require a 30% extra, as they are natives in the English language.

In terms of discounts, you get 10% off your first order by adding the given promo code. There’s no proof of any loyalty discounts or coupon codes for returning customers, which means that only newcomers have an advantage through collaborating with this website.

Granted, the prices seem quite attractive. However, in the circumstances where you cannot really be certain about the quality of the writing, the piece seems quite high and risky. 

The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

The good of this website is that it has some cheap services, considering their supposed rating. The reviews on this website also seem quite good, which means that you can get a good product for what you pay. The bad is that in terms of discounts, you only get a newcomer’s discount – and even that one is small. You don’t get much financially out of collaborating with Paper per Hour, which means that it might not be the best choice for students on a budget.

The beautiful is that you can see precisely who is working on your paper. You have open communication with the writer, and you can exchange ideas whenever needed regarding the contents of the paper. The ugly is that there is little to no transparency for the website. You can technically see the name of the writer and their specialization – but you have no possibility of actually seeing any credentials. The profiles look very fake, which causes concerns when it comes to those opting for their services. 

In the end, we could only give this essay writing service a total of 2 stars. Everything seems so fake that you can’t even find mentions on Reddit of it – and Reddit has mentions of everything. In the end, instead of placing your trust in this website, you might want to consider looking for an alternative. 

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Reviewed Paper per Hour

My paper was written quite unprofessionally and needed corrections. I'm also not satisfied with the price they requested me to pay for such work....

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Reviewed Paper per Hour

I got my essay in time. There were some things to fix but the writer did good job

0 helpful votes


Reviewed Paper per Hour

I won't use it again. I had better experience with other services

0 helpful votes


Reviewed Paper per Hour

This is a good company because they delivered my assignment on time and I got a good grade. The only issue I have with them is that the assigned person took a lot of time before responding to my queries.

0 helpful votes

Rhyley S.

Reviewed Paper per Hour

This company is a scam. Their sales person does not honor their policy. I will be disputing charges with my credit card company.

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