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As a student, it might be rather difficult to write your essays by the deadline. Classes can bundle up before you even have the chance to notice it, your scholar extracurricular activities are keeping you busy too – and before you know it, you are suddenly one day before your deadline, with two papers due. What can you do now?

Sure, you can try writing your own papers, but that will take time and research. In the meantime, you’ve heard about this essay writing service called 5 Star Essays. Is it any good? Do they offer a wide variety of services? How expensive are they? Well, this review should help ease you into the basics.

The Products and Services You Will Find

5 Star Essays doesn’t have an entire page dedicated only to the services that they offer, as most services do. However, if you scroll down to the bottom of the home page, you will see a section entitled “Our Services.”

You have all the basic essay types such as term papers, dissertations, research papers, MS thesis, and so on, but you also have other services that are not quite as common. For example, you may go for a Turabian style paper, kids essay, war essay, death essay, dream essays – even Romeo and Juliet essays. This typically tells buyers that they have a writer for every type of paper that they might need.

There are some basic-sounding services as well, such as “do my essay” or “order essay”, but that is likely to make it easier to find by those who do not know what type of essay they are looking for. In this regard, they can simply choose one of those options and explain the rest to the writer. 

The Real Proof – Writer Experience and Quality of Products 

There are various mixed opinions for this essay writing service. Some say that the papers are actually good, whereas others say that they were quite disappointed with the results. The truth is somewhere in the middle: it depends on the level that you are looking for. 

For example, if you are not majoring in English and only need something of a beginner’s level, maybe intermediate, then the services provided might prove useful to you. However, if you are a college student majoring in English spoken natively, then this might not be precisely what you are looking for. 

At this point, if you look on their website, you can see that they have about 50 writers on their staff. Only 6 of them are from the United Kingdom, so you may expect those particular writers to be very good; however, considering that the rest are not native speakers, you may expect there to be quite a lot of grammar issues. 

And this was actually confirmed by several customers that opted for their services. Some people say that their papers were good and help them get a passing grade. However, some say that the writers missed the thesis of the paper and that, by the end of the essay, the paragraphs had pretty much nothing to do with the topic of the paper.

There were also complaints on Reddit of missed deadlines, along with portions where the paper was subjected to plagiarism. In the end, while the quality of the paper is good enough for those that aren’t particularly looking for a high-end product, it might not be enough if you require professional English. Since most of the writers there aren’t even natives, you might expect quite a couple of hiccups in the writing.

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

Prices on 5 Star Essays are quite affordable, which is why many people are opting for their services. In comparison to other essay writing services, they are certainly something that you would call “cheap.” The problem here is that while there is a chance that you will receive a high-quality paper, you might also get something of very poor quality. It’s like the Russian Roulette of essay writing. 

The prices are calculated based on a variety of factors. For example, the work type will affect the price, just like the level will. Obviously, a university essay will cost way more compared to a high school essay. All payments are done through a variety of channels, from debit/credit card to PayPal. 

The deadline will also affect the final price of the paper. Longer deadlines will not be as pricey as shorter deadlines, which is why you should not place the order on the final mile. Also, obviously, the longer the paper, the higher the price will be. A dissertation will certainly be a lot more expensive in comparison to a standard essay.

That said, regardless of the package that you choose, you will still pay less – but while the prices seem affordable in the beginning, you will not see any discounts, promo code, or coupon codes. The pricing section is advertising the paper as 50% off; however, since there is no actual coupon code that you can use, we can only assume that the original price is the “discount.” There’s no loyalty program either, and no newcomer’s bonus whatsoever.

We could have brushed over the fact that there weren’t actually any discounts, considering that the prices were already quite low, to begin with. However, when you think about the quality that you might receive, the prices are not quite worth it. You may also calculate how much a certain paper will cost you – but the issue here is that you can only see the result if you provide your personal information.

It is, however, the perfect choice if you are a student on a budget and do not necessarily have the funds to pay too much on a fancy paper. The papers you will receive may not be doctorate-level – but if you are taking a beginner or intermediate class with English as your second language, it should be more than enough to get you a good grade. 

The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

The good here is that these papers come at a very low price, making it the perfect choice for students that are on a very low budget. That said, the bad here is that the quality is very low – meaning that you may not be able to turn this into an advanced English class or somewhere that adopts English as a first language.

The beauty here is that the website here is quite well-done. The customer support is also quite responsive, and the number of papers that you can get is quite attractive. The ugly thing, however, is that even if this is a website that has all its legal aspects arranged, it is still quite unprofessional. Missed deadlines, poor quality of the paper, and so on; it is certainly something that a student needs if he wants a good grade.

In the end, we give only 2 stars for 5 Star Essays. The papers they write are good for those that need beginner to intermediate level papers at a very low price. However, if you are looking for something of an advanced level, you might want to look for an alternative.

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Reviewed 5 Star Essays

I have had 2 essays done by this service and the writing is poorest. Won't be using again and won't recommend this service to anyone

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Reviewed 5 Star Essays

Just another oversees company running a scam pretending to be US based. Paid them to write my college admission personal statement. The guy who wrote it must have discovered English yesterday because I kid you not there was spelling AND grammar errors in every single sentence. I hope the feds shut this place down because it’s absolutely awful what they’re doing. They won’t give you back your money either. The positive reviews you see her are from fake accounts obviously. There’s a guy who wrote a review twice on here, again, these people have no shame or morals.

0 helpful votes


Reviewed 5 Star Essays

A person who had no knowledge of english wrote this essay it was awful and now they wont even give me back my money this is a total scam any positive comments you see are bots do not use this website!!!!!!!

0 helpful votes


Reviewed 5 Star Essays

Company delivered my essay five days late, and upon reviewing it, I found that half of it was plagiarized and the other half is full of mistakes! It was a disaster... I wouln't recommend 5 Star Essays!

0 helpful votes

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