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EvolutionWriters Review by AllTopReviews is a writing service that focuses on customers that fall within three categories. These are students seeking academic writing services, businesses professionals seeking ghostwriting and other services, and job seekers. As is our process with all writing service reviews, we look at a number of factors – structure and content of the company website, on-site customer testimonials, off-site customer feedback, samples of products, costs, benefits, and any other unique features we discover. The goal is for our users to have enough information to make good choices when they decide to order products or services. Here is our summary of Evolution Writers.

Products And Services

A quick initial review of this website indicates that the following services are offered:

  • For students
    • Essays of any type and at any academic level
    • Term and research papers, again any topic and level
    • Thesis and dissertation writing for grad students
    • Book reports/reviews, analyses, abstracts, annotated bibliographies
    • Lab reports and case studies
    • Other standard academic writing help, to include homework, test-taking, and presentations
    • Admissions, personal statement, and scholarship essays
    • Editing and proofreading
  • For job seekers
    • Resumes
    • CV
    • Cover letters
    • Unique applicant documents
  • For business professionals
    • Copywriting services
    • Content marketing
    • Social media profiles and posts
    • Reports and proposals

This is by no means an exhaustive list of services, but it should give interested customers a good idea of what they can find at EvolutionWriters.


Let’s start on a positive note. is not a fraud or scam. In fact, it is a legal company that has been in business since 2004. Customers place and receive their ordered products and/or services. In fact, customer feedback indicates that can be trusted to keep personal and financial information safe and secure. As well, the company has a set of policies that govern the rights and responsibilities of customers and themselves. The only negative feedback we received in this regard were some disputes regarding refunds and revisions. Some customers felt that the policies were a bit misleading.

There were no customer testimonials on the site itself. Our information has been gathered from other review sites and users of our review site specifically.


content evolutionwriters guarantee

Writing Quality/Writer Expertise

Customers are given a choice of the level of quality they want. If they should choose the basic package, they do get a personally assigned writer who, according to the company, has the credentials to create the product. If a higher level of quality is desired, there is a premium VIP package that includes a more experienced writer and a full review and edit before it is delivered. There is, of course, an extra fee for this.

To determine the quality level, we urge our users to review a number of the sample products that Evolution Writers publishes on its site. They are all categorized by content area, and reading through them will provide a realistic picture of what you can expect in terms of products and product quality in the topic area you need. Quality does vary somewhat, and this is probably a matter of the individual writer who is assigned to an order and the difference between the basic and premium packages. This will be an individual decision, of course. Some of the samples do contain grammatical and word usage errors, and that may be a factor of the use of ESL writers.

Pricing And Discounts

Prices are well within the average range for the industry, beginning at $9.97 per page for a basic high school essay with a 14-day deadline. As is common with all writing services, the more complex the product, the higher the academic level, and the more urgent the deadline, the higher the cost will be. And admissions and scholarship essays are quite pricey. 

You will find a pricing calculator on the site, so you can determine the final cost, as well as choose any extras for additional fees. While the company does not offer discounts, coupon codes, etc. on its site, customers can subscribe to the newsletter where special offers with promo codes are provided. There is a loyalty program for returning customers and a discount for a very large order ($500+). And, if a customer refers to another who then places an order, there are bonuses that can be applied to future orders. 

Payment Methods: EvolutionWriters accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. It uses a trusted third-party payment processor, so you can feel very comfortable providing your financial information. We have no evidence of any breach of the company’s system.

Additional Features

Many of the writing services we review offer additional content such as blog posts and articles that offer customers interesting and trending information. We didn’t find any of these additional features here. However, the website does provide more than the normal amount of product samples. Most of the “extras” are fee-based, so we recommend that, once you calculate your price, go to the order form and check out the prices fo those extras you want – even a table of contents.


After considering Evolution Writers pros and cons, here is what we have concluded. The company is established with a long history of providing products and services to its customers. It has a reputation for taking orders and delivering what each customer has ordered in a safe and secure way. Its customer service department is available 24/7 by phone, email, or chat, although some agents may not have the training to provide the detailed answers you may want. The other issue that you may have is with quality of the basic package, and so you may want to pay the extra price for the premium level writing.

Evolution Writers Customers’ Reviews



Reviewed Evolution Writers

The service I was given was shocking. My essay was sooo poorly Written that I did not even read it all. The writer failed to use the materials I provided them with. Then had the audacity to say they had use the material. I’m the client I know when the materials I have GIVEN YOU have been used. I ask the writer to make adjustment twice .. yet the essay was once again poor. The writer did not do any research and relied on their own opinions to make statements without providing any evidence!!
I complained to the support team and was asked to pay an extra $111.60 for the writer to be given additional time to make a new essay. Why would anyone want to pay MORE money to have the SAME writer who has FAILED to write a decent essay?? Furthermore, where did the extra $111.60 come from was that calculated?

Please if you are reading this don’t waste your money. I believe the writer I was given did not put enough effort because they believed anything would be accepted and they would still get paid. The company may try to den my claims but trust me I’m a student I do not want to put others in the same position as myself.

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Zain Mackie

Reviewed Evolution Writers

I had a big paper I needed to write and relied on this company to do it for me. I provided a link with all neccesary information and sources, I even called the customer service to ensure that the writer would use the sources and follow instructions. They told me everything would be used and they'll follow instructions. Few days went by and i get a paper with nothing I asked for. After I asked for a revision the writer claimed that I never gave any sources and demanded that I pay an extra $90 to be compensated. I declined and later on they approved the original essay without my consent and said that I couldn't get a refund because the essay was automatically approved.
You're better off spending your money on manure, at least its useful.

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Reviewed Evolution Writers

If you have an important paper like it's your last year in university or it's a proposal paper, do not use them.. if you do, do NOT expect a great job.

I paid 325 dollars and I was extremely disappointed. Now I know to 100% depend on myself. I learned the hard way unfortunately.

If you're reading this, lucky you.

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Reviewed Evolution Writers

I am very angry with these guys. They didn`t stick to a single promise.

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Reviewed Evolution Writers

The only thing I really liked about this service is their website where you can easily find what you need. The support service proved to be useless and absolutely unprofessional. Writers seem to be ESL students who don`t have enough experience with academic writing. And their prices are higher than average. You can find other websites which are cheaper and offer better services.

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Evolution Writers comments



Reviewed Evolution Writers

I don't want to be rude, but this is the worst writing service I worked with! Its writers aren't able to deliver papers in time!



Reviewed Evolution Writers

If you want to save your money, don't use the services of this company! You will get paper late and of low quality!



Reviewed Evolution Writers

I am sorry to leave this comment, but I feel like I should. Despite their trying the quality is low. It's really too much of a trouble. You should leave the service behind if you want a good essay.

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