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Welcome to our official review of Writing Essay East. They are an academic writing service that we have received several inquiries about. We are writing this in response to the questions we have received. As always, our followers want to know if this is a reliable service that can be trusted to provide quality writing services. Before we go further, here are some of the steps we took in writing this review:

  • Reading through the Writing Essay East Website

  • Reviewing a paper we received for quality and accuracy

  • Comparing Prices With Other Services

  • Reading Policies And Guarantees

  • Interacting With Customer Service

  • Validating Safe And Secured Payment Options

Keep reading to learn more about our experiences, and to find our final assessment of WritingEssayEast.

Products And Services You Will Find

Based on their website, this is solely an academic writing website. We did not see any products or services related to copywriting or job seeker services. The offerings here are pretty standard. They include essays, research papers, admissions content, capstone projects, thesis and dissertation work, problem solving, and other writing products. For our review, we received a college-level essay. Proofreading and editing services were also not specifically mentioned on the order form on the Writing Essay East website, so we are not sure if those services are available.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

We noted that the website provides some profiles of the writers that they hire. We clicked on a few of these, and read the bios. Unfortunately, we quickly discovered a few things. First, it is clear that these bios are completely fictional. They list non-existent degrees. The photos are from stock photo sites. In addition to these things, the bios are completely nonsensical. It would be no exaggeration to describe them as ‘word salad’.

In fact, that’s a problem that we had as we explored the website in general. The content on the site makes very little sense. It is clear that this is either web content that was ‘spun’ from another site, or that the creators of the site simply have not mastered the English language.

Student reviews and insights were mixed. Some were happy with their writers, others did not believe that the writers available had sufficient experience or talent. For this review, we received an essay, and reviewed it for quality and accuracy.

The negatives are that the paper we received needed significant editing. It does not appear as if there is any sort of editing or QA checking involved here. On the other hand, the paper was much better than we expected. We were unsure of the quality of writing to expect given the lackluster quality of the website overall. Once the spelling and grammar mistakes were edited out, and a few changes to length, style, and formatting were made, this paper was ready to turn in.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

This is by far one of the least expensive writing services that we have reviewed. Prices start at 6 dollars per page for undergraduate writing with a 14 day deadline. This is on average less than half of what other services charge. Unfortunately, students shouldn’t necessarily be pleased with pricing like this. It often indicates low-quality writing, plagiarism, or other concerns.

We did not specifically find any discounts. However, the order form does mention a special gift. We assume that this is likely some discount. Overall, we were okay with pricing. However, it is clear that you get what you pay for, as the paper we received was most certainly far from perfect.

Standard payment methods are accepted here. This includes PayPal as well as debit and credit cards. We researched the company and found no complaints or legal issues relating to financial data or any scams.

The Good The Bad The Beautiful The Ugly

First the good. You will receive a decent if ‘rough’ paper for the money you spend. Just be aware that you will need to edit your document heavily, and double check for any mistakes. We recommend placing your order early so that you can correct any errors before submitting your assignment for grading. It’s also fairly easy to place an order, and make payment.

Now the bad. This website is absolutely atrocious. The content is almost unreadable. The author bios are fictional, and the site would be better off simply getting rid of them. The prices are low enough to be a red flag. In addition to this, we were unable to find any policy pages. We have no idea how this company handles customer data privacy, GDPR, moneyback guarantees, cookies, or any other concerns. It is possible that policy pages do exist, however, we were unable to find them after an exhaustive search.

What is beautiful here? There are some extras that are noteworthy. You can get a plagiarism report for your piece of mind, for example. There’s also a blog available. It is actually well-written.  It appears as if some care has been taken to provide something of good quality here.

Finally the ugly. Overall, there is a lot of professionalism lacking here. Website design is poor. The writing on the website itself is quite unreadable. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence since this is a writing service. The fake bios also detract from any legitimacy this site is trying to achieve.

In spite of the negatives, the paper we received was decent enough. However, it did need a lot of polishing and editing. All in all, we give this site 3 stars. Proceed with caution.

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Reviewed Writing Essay East

They took two weeks to do what had to be done in 7 days! First they could not find the writer, however they did put it on someone just to avoid refunding me. Next they couln't open my file with guidelines (use an online converter maybe? but nope) and blamed me that I did not respond at once. Yeah, because of your failed notification system, guys. Zero stars.

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Reviewed Writing Essay East

I was so relieved to learn they agreed to help with my assignment. I needed about 1 page of calculations with proof by morning, that's about 8 hours. And they agreed! What do you think was next? Right, I did not receive it in the morning. They sent it to me right before the class but I couldn't turn it in without checking, so I had to ask the instructor to wait longer and lower my grade. Very upset.

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Javier H

Reviewed Writing Essay East

I was recommended of this website as cheap and reliable. But that didn't happen to me. I asked them for help with one huge thing that i started as an extracurricular and they did nothing right until I called them and wondered if they were going to send me anything. I received texts soon after my phone call and all they did was to rewrite my texts I sent as references for their research.

1 helpful votes


Reviewed Writing Essay East

The only thing that might be called positive about this service is their design. Like a Jack Lndon's novel or something. Overall, it's a shitty service that does no good to you.

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Reviewed Writing Essay East

I have so many doubts regarding their writing. Grammarly couldn't spot any major grammar mistakes but it just doesn't fit together. I don't know. It's a very weird text to read. Well, they say they are unique, no objection here.

1 helpful votes

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