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What is EduBirdie? EduBirdie is a company that has been popular among students when it comes to essay writing. They offer essay writing services in exchange for money. The site has been advertised by a lot of bloggers and YouTubers in the past, which is why it got so much popularity. does not speak to how long it has been in the writing service business; however, we have found EduBirdie reviews online from as early as 2015, so we are assuming at least two years. But is EduBirdie legal? While it states that it is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, it appears that that is only where it is registered as a corporation. The actual physical location of the company is not known. In preparing this EduBirdie review, we have used our standard criteria – the quality of the content on the company website, the information we can find about writers, the EduBirdie discount plan, examples of writing if available, extra benefits, EduBirdie testimonials, both on and off-site, customer service quality, legal issues or significant customer complaints, and the results of a short college paper we obtained. We can now provide this summary.

Products and Services You Will Find

It appears that this company focuses primarily on college-level work, although certainly, high school students could probably order pieces of writing too. The company has a complete listing of academic products and services on its home page, but its business model involves placing an order and then accepting bids from its registered writers. A few examples of writing types include essays, research papers, scholarship essays, and other typical academic documents. Most of the content on the site regarding products and services relates to undergraduate and graduate-level products.

Now, regarding the question “Is EduBirdie cheating?”, it depends on what you think about this practice. Schools and colleges never promote the use of such companies, so it is up to you whether you think it’s cheating or not.

The Real Proof – Writer Experience and Quality

Is EduBirdie reliable? We hoped to offer a positive answer, particularly as we’re aware of the popularity of this platform. Sadly, we were asking ourselves questions such as “Does EduBirdie actually work with high-quality being the focus?” and we couldn’t help but look deeper into their situation. We were disappointed, as you’re about to find out.

When we read through the content on the website, we were struck by the poor quality of the composition. This company is obviously owned and operated by non-native English speakers. However, giving it the benefit of the doubt, we went on to look at example writings that have been crafted by its writers and, as well, its blog. We were rather appalled at the poor quality of the examples. In fact, they reflected some of the poorest scholarly writing we have seen from a company that purports to have outstanding writers. Grammar and composition were obviously ESL-written. Most writing services at least make an effort to be trusted with decent webpage text. Our review was off to a bad start. We then turned to the blog and found the same issues with the published posts – poor structure, lack of thesis statements, incorrect word usage, etc.

We also read through Edubirdie reviews we found on other review sites and social media. Customers are not happy with what they received and complained about the lack of responsiveness from the company customer support department. While it advertises that it responds to customers in minutes, the only way to contact the company is via email, and emails were not answered at all in many cases. We simply do not consider this to be a reliable customer service. When we had questions for customer support, it was difficult to get consistent and helpful answers.

On top of that, there were many complaints about the quality of the papers and how much of a nightmarish experience people had with them. We went through EduBirdie Reddit opinions and what we read about the company certainly showed us the red flags we had to be wary of.

Apparently, the experiences included a lot of writers with terrible English skills, as well as bad structuring and a thirst for money while having no willingness to actually help a student in need. In contrast to the reviews, you see on the EduBirdie website, the reviews on Reddit and other platforms also contain many negative opinions that cannot be ignored.

Not to mention that it’s not hard to see that everything on the platform can be controlled by the team, and of course, they would only want to show positive things to visitors. Such things make you wonder - “Is EduBirdie safe?”

The paper we received would not have been submissible for any college course. It was poorly structured, lacked coherence, and included terrible English composition. Resources were not as we had requested. This is in spite of the fact that most writers claim to be graduate students or even professors. Students we were in contact with expressed significant frustration in communicating with their writers. They also said that any complaints they lodged about the quality of their essay were ignored. It seems that when customers do not like their products, everyone is strangely silent.

Because the writing services here involve a bidding process, many of the features that are available on other sites are not available here. For example, students cannot order a draft, so don’t expect any EduBirdie free feature like this. However, they can request one as part of the process of requesting bids.

Also, even if the writers claim to be plagiarism-free while using the EduBirdie plagiarism checker, you may still come across plagiarized work. You would have to make edits yourself to endure there is no plagiarism. But if that’s the case, why would you even pay an essay writing service if you’ll end up doing work yourself? It defeats the purpose.

As for the deadline, it all depends on the particular situation. Some customers claimed that they received the work later, while others received it before the deadline, but it had multiple errors and a bad structure.

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

How much does EduBirdie cost? EduBirdie prices are not set. Once a customer has settled on a writer, it is up to the customer and that writer to determine pricing. There are no discounts and no EduBirdie promo codes for discounts. Everything is determined by the bid and the final price that is negotiated.

Therefore, you have to get in contact with a writer in order to see the EduBirdie prices, as there are different prices charged by each writer. It is, however, important to keep in mind that the price does not serve as an indicator of the quality of the writer.

Thus, if the writer charges a massive amount of money, it doesn’t automatically mean this is the best writer to have graced the Internet. It may all be an EduBirdie scam, and you may end up wanting to ask for an EduBirdie refund.

Customers must place the entire price of the piece on account with the company upfront. While many students may be uncomfortable with this, it appears to be safe. Payments made be made by any major credit card or PayPal, and payment methods are fully secured.

In short? Don’t look for any discount or an EduBirdie coupon code. The good news is that students who submit payment and order information are not spammed with unwanted emails.

The Good, The Bad, the Beautiful, the Ugly

We have to say that “the Ugly” outweighs any possible redeeming features of this company. It is obviously using ESL writers; its customer service is virtually non-existent, and customers who are unhappy with their products will find it very tough to get any response or money back.

We also ended up asking “Is EduBirdie legit?” after discovering a strange situation. The team behind the website lied about many things, and one of them was the identity of the writers. They used fake pictures for their writers. At one point, they used the picture of a doctor and claimed it to be a Ph.D. in Linguistics.

The same thing applied for many other writers – the pictures were of someone else, and a simple Google search would help discover that the writers were fake. It may not seem that serious, but in reality, you’re supposed to be able to trust these people. How can you trust someone to write a proper paper for you if you’re being lied to about anyone who does EduBirdie work? Who knows what else they might lie about?

We also had some concerns regarding data privacy. While the service does publish privacy and money back guarantee policies, not all of them are clear or up to date. We don’t know if the company is GDPR compliant. However, they do explain how they use cookies and have clear policies regarding third parties and data.

Is EduBirdie illegal? It’s hard to know. Despite them stating that they are legal, their physical location is unknown. They do, however, write essays. Overall, our rating is “Poor.” We would urge potential customers to avoid this company. They can be trusted to provide papers, but it does not provide acceptable writing products for English-speaking students in English-speaking institutions. You do not want to be caught using EduBirdie.

EduBirdie Customers’ Reviews



Reviewed EduBirdie

This is a complete SCAM guys!! I desperately needed essay help and they just spoiled the whole paper! No money return policy! Awful!!

0 helpful votes


Reviewed EduBirdie

They delivered in time but the quality was extremely bad

0 helpful votes


Reviewed EduBirdie

I had positive experience with this service till the last time. I ordered an business essay and they didn't send it to me. I won't use it any more!!

0 helpful votes


Reviewed EduBirdie

I'm not the most academic person and I needed help with a paper. The writers at edu birde were great. I used two different people since they had experience in the topics that I needed. Their communication was excellent and I always knew what stage they were at. They were also very accommodating for some amendments I had afterwards. Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I would definitely use them again.

0 helpful votes

Ray W.

Reviewed EduBirdie

This is the worst writing company I have ever come across. Poor quality, plagiarized paper, untimely submission. From other reviews here it is clear that we pay alot and they do not compensate writers fairly so what do u expect from demotivated workers!!!!!!!!!!! Man Up. pay your workers and let them serve others well because personally I will never use your services, You can stay with them

1 helpful votes

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