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Privacy Policy believes in full transparency in the operation of its business and website. We are therefore providing the Privacy Policy, so that users of our site are fully aware of the kinds of information we collect and how we use the personal information that you provide to us as you use our site.

Information We Collect

There are two types of information we collect:

  1. General and aggregate information as visitors and users access our site. This may include your browser type, your IP address, the pages you visit, and the length of your stay on our site. We use this type of information to improve our site and the experiences of all users who access it. We do not use any individual activity information – it is all compiled to give us general information about traffic behaviors on our site.

We will also tore information from you browser through the use of “cookies.” These cookies are active during the time you are on our site, but terminate once you closeout from our site. Sometimes, we may store a “persistent cookie” that will store your login information. This will make it easier for you each time you access the All Top Reviews site. If you wish to disable cookies you may do so by using your own browser’s settings. Understand, however, that if you do disable cookies, it may impact your experience on our site and some information may not load well.


  1. Your Personal Information is the information that you provide when you set up a personal profile, establish relationships with other users, send and receive messages, or when you conduct searches, participate in conversations, post in forums or in any way send or receive information. We collect this information so that you may access the site and participate in all that the site offers. We also require that your information should it change, so that we may continue to contact you via email/newsletter communication.

Content that You Post

All content that you post is done so at your own risk. You can set privacy options that will limit access to specific pages to only those you wish to allow. However, we cannot guarantee that these privacy settings are fully secure. We are also not responsible for the actions of others who have access to your pages and your information. And, if anyone should “hack” through our privacy and security system, we will not be responsible for the consequences of that. When you remove content that you have posted, you must also understand that what you have removed may still be present in archives and that other users may have already copied and/or stored the content that you have removed. There are therefore no guarantees by us that removed content will not show up again either on our site or elsewhere on the web.

It is your responsibility to be fully aware of the Terms and Conditions Policy on our site and to refrain from posting content that is prohibited by those Terms and Conditions. If you become aware of any other using violating the content restrictions contained in the Terms and conditions agreement, we ask that you report such misuse to us. We reserve the right to close an account and to block anyone from further use of our site if serious infractions occur.

Inviting Others to Join the Site

If you wish to invite a friend to become a member of our site, you may do so through our invitation service. You will supply that friend’s email address to us and we will send the invitation in your name. Whether your friend visits our site or not, we will store that email information; we will also track acceptance of invitations for the purpose of analyzing the success of our invitation program. Should your friend not wish his/her information stored or not wish to receive any more communication from us, s/he may contact us and request removal.

Your Consent for Us to Transfer Your Personal Information

By using our site, you consent for us to process and to transfer your personal information throughout the United States.

Children Younger Than 13

All Top Reviews does not solicit nor do we collect any personal information from children under age 13, nor do we allow such children to register with us. Should we discover that you are under the age of 13 and have provided personal information in order to register, we will delete all of your information until such time as we have received verifiable consent from a parent/guardian. If any user believes that another user is under the age of 13, we request that we be informed immediately.

Children Ages 13 – 18

It is strongly recommended that if you fall within this age bracket, you request permission from your parents before registering on our site and before sending any personal information to us or to anyone else on the Internet.

How We Use Information that We Obtain

When a user registers on our site and sets up a profile and privacy settings, s/he will be known only by first name, last initial, and any photo s/he chooses to publish. You will then be able to connect with other users and you will only have that information on their profiles. Should you decide to divulge additional personal information to any other user, you do so at your own risk.

We may use your name and email address to send you information about new features, announcements about changes, and other useful content.

You are responsible for your own privacy settings. Should you choose to change those to allow broader access to your profile, other user may in fact be able to add to and/or edit your profile. If you have set privacy settings to allow this, we are not responsible for how you profile may be supplemented.

Even if you opt out of our emails, should there be important information regarding your account, we will still contact you in those events.

When We Share You Information with Third Parties

We may share your profile information with third parties for purposes that may be beneficial to you.

You may then see on your profile page advertisements and promotions related to those things you have indicated an interest in. For example, you may be a fan of a specific author or music group. You may then see ads and promotions for that author’s new book or the next concert or album release of that music group. We do not provide to any third party any information that is not in your public profile.

We will not provide user contact information to third parties without the permission of the user. There are times when we may share some of your information. Typical examples would be as follows:

  • We may use a third-party automated email distribution provider. In this case that third-party will have access to your email address.
  • If you should purchase something on our site, a third party processor will handle that purchase. We use a payment processor with SSL certification, and payments are secure.
  • If there is a request for your information by any legal or law enforcement authority, we will share that information with those parties. At the same time, if we should suspect that any user has violated certain parts of the Terms and Conditions agreement (e.g., post pornographic material that is legally prohibited, engage in fraud) we will contact local, state and/or federal law enforcement officials.
  • If either full or partial ownership of the All Top Reviews site or company should be transferred to another entity, user information will be transferred to that new owner/entity. You would be protected by the terms of this Privacy Policy and still be operating under the same Terms and Conditions until such time as you are notified that these policies have been altered by the new owners/administrators.

Reminder: If you post anything and then share it with third parties, including messages, photos, posts and any other content, you are responsible for any consequences and/or repercussions of doing do. you must understand that all information you share with third parties is beyond this privacy policy and beyond your own privacy settings.

Links You Find on Our Site

Our site does contain links to websites of third parties. We are not privy to their privacy policies nor their terms and conditions policies. Should you access a third party through a link on our site, this Privacy Policy is no longer in effect, and you are bound by and covered by whatever policies that site may have. We are not responsible for any consequences that may occur as a result your accessing a third party site from our site.

If You Need to Change or Remove Your Information

There are editing tools on the site for you to modify, change or remove any of your profiles information. You will find these tools when you log into your account. In most instances, these changes are immediate. Should you remove information, it may be kept in archives for a period of time; however, no other user will have access to it.

If you have posted some content and have shared it with other users, and you then remove that post from your account, you must understand that your removal does not remove it from the accounts of people who received that post.

Site Security

All Top Reviews takes every precaution to protect user information. It is held on a secure server with firewall protections. Emails and messages sent and received are not considered secure content and do not have the protections that your account information does. Should you share personal information with us or with other uses through email or messaging, you should not consider it secure.

Binding Terms

Your use of our site is notification to us that you understand and accept all of the terms of this Privacy Policy, as well as all of the provisions of the Terms and conditions agreement.

When there are changes to this privacy policy or to our Terms and Conditions agreement, we will do our best to publish and announce these changes through emails and on-site notifications. The changes will be effective as soon as they are published, or by the date we announce they will go into effect. All users are subject to those changes immediately.

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