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The burden of writing an essay makes someone go as far as to hire someone else to write for them. This happens for multiple reasons. Sometimes, the student lacks the time necessary to write the essay, and other times, the student may not have the proper knowledge to write an essay on that topic. This is how a lot of students end up searching for essay writing services online. Hiring someone to write college essay frees them from the burden they would otherwise face. 

But here comes another issue – many essay paper writers are anything but cheap. To get essay writing services, you need to pay for them. It is possible to find cheaper alternatives, but how cheap are they, in reality? More than that, is it possible to find essay writers for free? We’ll touch more on that aspect in the paragraphs below. 

Can You Hire Essay Writing Services for Free?

Students are not the richest people. Some students may have the privilege of living in the same house as they always did and attending classes, while others move from different areas and have to get a job to support their studies and themselves. Therefore, paying an essay writing service for a paper is the last thing they would want to resort to. But sometimes, it’s necessary, especially if they lack time to write. If you’re in the same situation, you may be wondering if you could hire a free essay writer program to help you finish your paper on time and send it to your teacher. A free essay writer service would not only help you obtain an essay without bothering to write it yourself, but you would also be able to save some money at the same time. 

However, you cannot find essay writers for free, and if someone online is making offers to write high-quality essays for free, chances are they’re lying. It would be a wonderful thing to have someone kind enough to write for you without asking for money in return, but in reality, that person is doing work for you, so it only makes sense to ask for money in return. 

You can only hire professional writers almost for free, which means you will pay, but you won’t pay huge amounts of cash. Some college essay writers for hire have smaller fees, and it’s also possible to use promo codes in some instances to get a discount and thus pay even less. 

Why Do Essay Writers Always Cost Money?

Although it should be obvious, here are some reasons why you cannot find essay writers for free. 

  • Time

One of the first things you should think about is the amount of time the writer spends creating your essay. An essay writer could use that time to do other tasks, but he/she is spending it writing for you instead. Writing an essay means they will have to research, make a proper outline, write the actual essay, and in the end, proofread and edit. This takes a lot of time, hence why you can only find essay writers for sale. 

  • Effort

As mentioned, the writer has to do a lot of research and then has to write a certain number of words to complete someone else’s essay. While it’s their job to write, writing for someone else is not pleasant, especially if payment is not part of the deal. Nobody would want to make all that effort and get nothing in return – hence why you always have to hire a good essay writer instead of getting him/her for free. 

  • Quality

A writer could pretty much write the worst essay ever and be done with it forever. Quality is essential, but who would want to do their best to maintain quality when they’re not even paid for it? A paid essay writer will make sure they write high-quality papers for students, but if they were not paid, the quality of the work would quickly diminish. The writer doesn’t gain anything from writing for free, and thus there would be no pleasure in doing this work in the first place. It only makes sense that you have to pay if you want a good paper. 

How Can You Find Cheap Writing Services?

You cannot find free essay writing services, but you have the option to find a cheap custom essay writing service. Here are some ways to do so. 

  1. Look for essay writer reviews online. Many posts list multiple top-notch writing services, and you can surely look into them and settle for the best one as a result. It’s an easy way to look for a writer. 

  2. Compare prices. Once you stumble upon a few writing services and you think they would be a suitable choice, make sure to compare their prices and discounts. Doing so will give you an idea of how much you will have to pay in the end, and you can pick the one offering the most convenient costs. 

  3. Look at the features. While the price is an important consideration, you cannot throw away quality in exchange. The site needs to have good features to be worth paying for in the first place. Some features you should look for is whether the site has native English speakers or not (from the U.S. or the U.K.), whether there is a wide variety of essay types to pick from, and if you can communicate with the writer. Don’t forget – just because a site is cheap, it doesn’t have to be bad. Go for the best one you can find. 

Final Thoughts

Finding a good essay writer for free is not possible, but you have the option to find cheap writers if you know how and where to look. Make sure to search carefully and compare your options. Doing so will ensure you find a cheap writer and a quality one at the same time too.

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