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When we first discovered, we hoped we had discovered a website that truly focused on thesis and dissertation services. While there is an emphasis on these services, Thesis Panda is, in all actuality, just another writing service. Still, we were eager to learn about this company that is only a couple of years old. In order to write this ThesisPanda review, we took the following steps:

  • We read Thesis Panda reviews written by customers and looked into other Thesis Panda testimonials.

  • We compared ThesisPanda prices with other companies.

  • We researched discounts as well.

  • We placed an order for academic writing services.

  • We researched the company online

Please continue reading for more information about this company through our review.

Products And Services You Will Find

In spite of the name, we quickly discovered the usual academic writing services. We ordered an essay for our review. Students may also order research papers, lab reports, term papers, movie reviews, critiques, and other documents. As might be expected thesis and dissertation work also features quite heavily here.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

Unfortunately, the writer who was assigned to our essay did not appear to have the experience and qualifications to complete our assignment successfully. They appeared to struggle with spelling, grammar, and phrasing. Our paper lacked depth and appeared to be written at a much lower grade level than what we had ordered. It appeared to be original. However, it would not have done very well if it were turned into the average college professor.

Other reviews that we read indicated similarly. Products received tend to be poorly written and researched. When they are available customer support is not very helpful.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

When we looked at all services except for admissions writing, prices were in the average range. Admissions writing, on the other hand, is significantly higher than average. This seems to be a trend among services we have used lately. We used a Thesis Panda discount to save 15% on our order. We can also say that other Thesis Panda promo codes are also available. For those who do not wish to use a ThesisPanda coupon code, there is a referral program to consider.

Payment methods are standard and stable. We opted to use Paypal.  However, the usual methods such as credit and debit card may also be used. We did not encounter any troubles during the payment process or after.

The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

In concluding this review, our final rating is poor. First, we believe there is a slight disconnect between what this company offers and what it claims to offer. However, even if we ignore that, we cannot ignore poor writing quality. Instead, we agree with the many other ThesisPanda reviews that state that this service is not worth pursuing. Students in need of help can and should look elsewhere for writing assistance. Reading our other reviews is a great place to start. Customers’ Reviews




My essay was 90 % plagiarized and they refused to revise it. Worst service ever!!

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James J.

Reviewed has terrible support and writers.
I then had my essay redone at another service and they did quality job.

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They failed to provide a plagiarism free paper. They provided a 100 % copied from another student maybe found on the internet. They also failed to provide revision on time and everytime I would send for revision they would not much . horrible company to help you with the papers.

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They are really expensive. I scrolled trough their blog and didn't find anything out of the usual. I couldn't trace any first time discount either, so thank you but no.

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Awful service with unprofessional writers and rude support staff. They didn`t manage to write the number of pages I asked for and also failed to make a proper list of references. After getting my paper done, I had to work on it for three more days as it badly needed some finishing touches.

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