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SuperiorPapers Review by AllTopReviews has supplied academic writing for 15 years, according to the website information. It is focused on products and services for students. We have prepared this report as part of a continuing effort to evaluate and assess the quality and level of service of online writing services. In order to prepare our reports, we use the same objective criteria for all assessments and look at a number of factors. In preparing this SuperiorPaper review, we have looked at all of the content on the site, the quality of writing products through samples that have been made available, through SuperiorPapers testimonials found on the site, from feedback that we have found elsewhere on the web, and from our own order of a research paper. This report summarizes all that we have discovered.

Products and Services You Will Find

You will discover that Superior Papers provides only academic products and services, beginning with high school essays and graduating upward through Ph.D. culminating dissertations. These include essays, papers, projects, and a wide range of other products. As well, the company offer editing services, completion of difficult coursework assignments, and multiple-choice test taking.

Of interest to graduate students may be the offer of Ph.D. writers for theses and dissertations, by section and chapter, dependent upon customer need.

The Real Proof – Writer Experience and Quality of Products

To assess these two factors, we first reviewed the website content. We were unable to find any information on the backgrounds of the writers that are employed, other than they do promise Ph.D. writers for graduate level works. We therefore have to evaluate writer experience indirectly by evaluating the quality of products. Superior paper reviews relative to product quality are mixed.

  • On-site testimonials are all very positive
  • Feedback we were able to locate on other sites and on social media, was definitely mixed. Customers stated that they did receive their products on time and that, for the most part, their directions were followed. Their concerns revolved around the quality of composition and the resources used.
  • We discovered similar issues with the samples we reviewed. In one instance, sub-topics were rather dis-organized without smooth transitions; in another instance of a case study, the entire product was only 4 pages in length. As well, the resources used were old and outdated – some from as early as 2005.
  • We experienced much the same issues within the research paper we ordered. It was delivered on time, and the number of pages and resources was exactly as we had specified. Again, however, the resources were “dated,” and the composition quality was of some concern, given that it was at the college level.

Now the Money – Prices, Discount, Payment Methods

SuperiorPapers prices range from $19.99/page for high school essays to as much as $34.99/page for graduate level projects. This puts them within the high average range when compared with other services. Our 8-page research paper with a 7-day deadline cost $159.92, but, when the $20 discount was applied, came to $139.92.

Superior Papers discounts are a bit difficult to understand. Every new customer receives $20 off of his/her first order. It is unclear, however, what happens when the order is small. At one point, there is a $10 discount mentioned, but all of it difficult to understand. There is a link on the site for discounts, but, again, there is not a structured program. Customers are simply told that they can check their personal accounts for discounts and Superior Papers promo codes.

It also appears that there is a membership for sale, but the details are not available to new customers. Only returning customers have the opportunity to purchase this membership, and it then provides a SuperiorPapers coupon code for a lifetime discount rate.

Payment methods are fully secure and all major credit cards are accepted.


content superiorpapers discounts

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

There is a customer support department available by phone and live chat. We called several times to ask questions about products. There is some confusion on the part of the “sales” staff to which we were transferred, and it was difficult to understand some of the representatives who were clearly foreign. One staff member told us we could get a doctoral dissertation within 48 hours, but then another sales rep indicated a 5-day deadline. In either case, this would be impossible.

The site is easily navigable, with a menu on the left rail and detail about the most common products provided by links at the top of the page. The order form is detailed and self-explanatory.

The Good the Bad, the Beautiful, the Ugly

Our review has determined that this writing service does accept, produce, and deliver academic writing products to its customers. There are certainly some concerns about quality of writing and appropriate resources. As well, their discount program is not fully described, and it appears that customers have to purchase a membership in order to become a part of the permanent discount program. We have assigned a rating of “Fair.”

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Reviewed Superior Papers

Just Horrible, the writer wrote "some women get beat up"in my paper. My husband failed a course because of plagerization. They offered us refund but honestly use another service the quality of their papers are horible

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Reviewed Superior Papers

For the $#*!tiest essays in the industry try these guys. You'll definitely be disappointed. At least I was.

1 helpful votes


Reviewed Superior Papers

These guys are arseholes! $#*! holes! As per now they have opted for cheap labor. No one can ever write quality stuff with poor pay! I wouldn't advice any serious scholar to contract these greedy pigs!

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Reviewed Superior Papers

Worst company to have ever worked for. Unnecessary fines that are usually very large!!! No motivation to work with them. If you see them in front of you, run run run!!!

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Reviewed Superior Papers

I ordered a paper from this damn site and it was plagiarized 100 percent. On close inquiry, I discovered they channel customer orders to a site known as and they don't even pay their writers. Once they get orders from customers, they then ask writers to write 15 free orders to prove their worth and then fire them without paying a dime. They do that everyday and that is why you can't get quality work from this site. So ran away from them.

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Superior Papers comments



Reviewed Superior Papers

I wish I didn't order from them in the first place. The paper was late and it needed a revision, for which I had to pay, even though it had to be free. I'm disappointed.



Reviewed Superior Papers

I was trying to find a suitable writing company to write a few papers for me and looking at reviews I decided to choose superior papers. Unfortunately, this writing is not good enough! I'm going to look for something better!



Reviewed Superior Papers

I’m not from the USA and I asked them to mind this while they were making my paper. But they did not. Of course my professor understood that I have cheated him. I don’t recommend to anybody, because they don’t follow the guidelines.



Reviewed Superior Papers

They just don’t care for the deadlines. They keep on saying that the work will be done on time and then they just say sorry because writer needs some more time. Once it was Okay, but after the second time of delay – I’m out of here.

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