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Is a great bargain, or a rip-off? This is the question that students have asked, and we are here to provide the answers. In order to do this, we had to get the answers to several questions:

  • Does this writing service have a good reputation? We read several Best Essay Help reviews to find out.

  • Are they reasonably priced? We compared their prices with other writing services.

  • What about writing quality? We placed an order for an essay as part of this BestEssayHelp review.

  • Is customer service helpful? We searched for Best Essay Help testimonials and interacted with customer support ourselves.

  • What about the website? We did plenty of exploring in search of great content.

We learned a lot while preparing for this review. Please keep reading to learn more.

Products And Services You Will Find

Based on the information provided on the company website, both academic and business writing are available. Because most of our audience is interested in academic writing, we concentrated largely on these services. However, we did make note that their business writing services are quite wide ranging. This review is based upon our placing an order for academic writing services.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

Unfortunately, we have bad news here. When we received our completed essay it was immediately clear that our writer was not experienced, and that they were not a fluent English writer. Our paper was full of grammatical mistakes and awkward word usage. It was not written at an appropriate grade level, and there were issues with even the basics such as citations.

Our interactions with customer support were not much better. They did not take any action to help us order revisions, nor did they apologize to us for the lack of quality control.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

BestEssayHelp prices are exceptionally high. We were charged more than 21 dollars per page for a very simple college essay. To add insult to injury, there are no discounts available. When we asked about BestEssayHelp promo codes, we did not receive a response. In addition to there being no Best Essay Help discount on the website, we did not find a BestEssayHelp coupon code anywhere else either.

We chose to use PayPal to make our payment. We did not encounter any issues by doing so. Other options include debit and credit card payments.

The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

There are numerous problems with this writing service. Because of this, we must give a rating of very poor. This is due to a combination of high prices, poor customer support, exceptionally poor writing, and a very badly designed website. We must agree with the majority of BestEssayHelp reviews that we read. This writing service simply fails to deliver acceptable quality in any area.

We do hope that students will consider reading the many other reviews we have published. Several feature excellent writing services. Don’t be discouraged by this negative review.

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Reviewed Best Essay Help

I placed an order and started watching the progress bar moving percent by percent each day. When it showed my research was 50% ready I wanted to see what's already done. That's when problems started. First, I was told my writer had had some sort of an emergency right the moment I called and I couldn't receive the paper that day, later they told they had no free writers to assign on my project but they would still finish it on time. Next, 2 days before the deadline I learnt my order would be late and I couldn't allow for that but as ready to pay for the work that's already done and they still wouldn't give it to me. So, I requested a refund.

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Reviewed Best Essay Help

My essay is a disaster. Just as this service itself.

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Reviewed Best Essay Help

The team of Best Essay Help is the best you can ever find to lower you into the grave when you die. Because they always let you down! They promised me a quality paper in 8 hours, charged me double price and delayed it! When I finally managed to get what I payed for, I realized the paper was thrown together in no time and had all the mistakes and poor spelling in the world!

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Reviewed Best Essay Help

They tend to make promises they cannot keep. I chose one writer and they assigned another "expert" to do the task. The result is terrible.

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Reviewed Best Essay Help

Everything seemed fine until they assigned a writer. He appeared to be a bit unprofessional and didn`t really understand what I wanted. I asked to change the writer and it took them 3 days to do that. Of course, he didn`t have enough time to do things in a proper way and the paper turned out to be terrible.

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