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PaperHelp Review by AllTopReviews is a writing service that was established in 2010. We are providing a review of this company for the benefit of students and career professionals, so that they may have enough information about the products and services to make a good choice. In keeping with our own review policies, we have assessed Paper Help according to the same factors and criteria that we use for all companies we evaluate. This review is based upon factual information that we have gathered from the website, specifically products and services, pricing, benefits, security, customer service, and Paper Help testimonials. In addition to that, we have reviewed the sample writings found on the site and the quality of a research paper which we ourselves ordered. We also took into account customer reviews and feedback that we found on social media. This report is a summary of our findings.

Products and Services You Will Find

Paper Help focuses almost exclusively on academic writing products. It offers a full range of these, from basic essays and papers through college level writing, such as case studies and research proposals, and includes thesis and dissertation products as well. Students from high school through Ph.D. programs are served. Other writing/services include coursework assignments, such as math and science problem sets, multiple choice test-taking, resumes, CV’s, cover letters, and admissions/scholarship essays.

We were unable to find any services related to re-writing and editing, and no PaperHelp reviews from customers mention having received this service.

The Real Proof – Writer Expertise and Quality of Products

There is absolutely no information about company writers on the site, other than to say they are professionals. Their expertise, in fact, can only be gauged by the quality of products they produce. In evaluating the quality, we looked to the sample essays and papers on the site, to their published testimonials, to customer reviews we found in other places, and through an evaluation of the research paper we received. In general, the following can be stated:

  • Many of the sample writings did not contain thesis statements in their introductions, and this can be an issue at the college level especially
  • We also found, in the sample writings, instances of fragments and run-on sentences, as well as punctuation and word usage errors.
  • Much of the writing in the samples was simplistic and appropriate for the high school level.
  • Customer testimonials speak very positively about the products received
  • Customers who provided off-site comments gave mixed reviews about quality
  • The research paper we received was also a bit simplistic for the university level, and resources were a bit “elementary.”

At no time did we find any complaints about delivery. In fact, our paper was delivered right on time. All specific category Paper Help reviews indicate that the company is legitimate.

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

PaperHelp prices begin at a standard, average level, at $10/page for a basic high school essay, due in 14 days. From there, however, prices take very hefty jumps, up to $197.00/page at the Ph.D. level with a very short deadline. The pricing chart we found did offer cost of editing and proofreading, but those are not listed in the drop down selection menu on the order form. Admissions essays are a bit pricey - $41/page

In terms of discounts, there is a plan which provides for 5% off of any order that totals more than $500 and 10% off of any order that totals more than $1000.00 Other than these two, there is also offered a PaperHelp coupon code for a 10% discount for a first-time customer on his/her first order.

We could not find and paper Help promo codes or any mention of special sale pricing that might occur at other times.

The paper we ordered was an 8-page university level work, and the price was $160.00, higher than average in comparison to other writing services. With our 10% discount, the final cost was $144.00, still higher than most others.

Payment methods are through any major bank card and PayPal. Methods are secure and Trust Guard is used to process payments. It is a reputable 3rd party processor used by many online retailers.

The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful, the Ugly

Among the good and beautiful, this company does provide the products and services it claims to provide. Further, ordered products are delivered on time. Other good features include:

  • Customer-writer communication
  • Customer service center open 24 hours a day
  • All types of academic writing are available

Among the bad and the ugly, first and foremost we would state that the quality of written product could be improved, perhaps by an editing staff that would review what has been produced before delivery to a client. Among other concerns are the following:

  • The extras that are usually provided for free by other services are all fee-based. For example, a table of contents will cost an additional $9.99
  • If a customer wished to have his/her product reviewed for quality before delivery, there is an additional fee – most services have editorial reviews as a part of their normal processes.

Overall, we would state that this company is provide legitimate writing services, although its quality and pricing provide some concerns. Our summary rating is “Fair.”

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Paper Help Customers’ Reviews

Reviewed Paper Help

Paper Help is okay. I mean they do help when you get pressed for time but don't expect too much. They tend to slip into a primary-school-level language when you ask for an explanatory essay and miss deadlines if the order is big. They are friendly and polite though. Everything else is fine.

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Reviewed Paper Help

Poor writing and plagiarism at high prices. Won`t ever work with them again.

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Reviewed Paper Help

I actually hate this place. There are a lot of reasons why, yet the main one is the writing services they give. Those cannot be called a normal, adequate writing. It`s more like a 10 pages essay you write 30 minutes before the class not even reading the final material. Strongly advise staying away.

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Reviewed Paper Help

I`m only satisfied with the price. I didn`t like their approach when communicating with me. I felt like every answer was pulled like a wisdom tooth they didn`t want to come out. Don`t recommend. No benefits to obtain.

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Reviewed Paper Help

I kindly asked their support to provide me with a direct communication with a person in charge of my essay. However, it never happened. In addition, I had to pay more due to the "extra amount of work", as my geometry theme was way too difficult. OK, then why did you agree to help? Do not recommend this place, it doesn`t worth a try

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Paper Help comments

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Reviewed Paper Help

I had ordered a research paper from them and the writer had 7 days to perform it. But still the paper was 3 hours late. I can only guess how late it would be if I set a 24 hours deadline.

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Reviewed Paper Help

To use the service of this writing agency is risky! Once I got quite good paper, but the next time it was written awfully!

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Reviewed Paper Help

My paper was 4 hours late and I handed in it without revising. It brought me “C”. Not what you expect to get from “professional” writers. Waste of money.

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