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MyHomeworkDone Review by All Top Reviews infographic is a writing service with a very modern looking website, and what we initially thought might have been a new approach to academic writing services. We have received messages from many students asking us to write a MyHomeWorkDone review. As always, we are happy to comply.

We started our process by doing a bit of research. We began by reading My Homework Done reviews written by previous customers of this service. We also compared MyHomeWork done prices with other services. We even searched out discounts in search of special deals. Of course, we also placed an order for services in order to gauge writing and customer support quality. The last thing we did was explore their website in search of bonus content, special  offers, and My Homework Done testimonials. Keep reading for the rest of this review.

Products And Services You Will Find

Upon taking a look around this website, we discovered that this is an academic only writing service. They offer the standard variety of essays, research papers, term papers, lab reports, admissions essays, research summaries, daily homework, etc. We placed an order for a college level essay. This is what we based our judgement of writing quality and customer support.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

We were unsure of what to expect when it came to writing quality. We read multiple MyHomeWorkDone reviews that were very critical. They cited writing as being error prone and customer support as being unhelpful. Sadly, we must concur with these sentiments. Our paper was not written at a college level. The sources were juvenile, and the writing was full of errors.

The majority of customer support reps did not seem to understand the company’s revision policies. This was big problem as we sought to have our paper revised. We interacted with the company via phone as well as through their internet chat feature. We suspect that in many cases we were actually engaging with an answering service, not actual staff members.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

We paid more than 17 dollars per page. This is on the high side of average. Without the issues we found with quality and customer support, this would not have been a troubling price.  Unfortunately, there were too many quality issues. The price was simply not worth it.

As always, we were interested in finding a My Homework Done discount. Unfortunately, no offer of a MyHomeWorkdone coupon code came up while we were filling out our order form. A search for other My Homework Done promo codes elsewhere was also fruitless. As a result, we paid full price. We rendered payment in full via paypal.

The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

To recap, we did not find either the writing or customer support to be very helpful or of good quality. There is a blog, but the content is promotional and not very interesting. Prices also tend to be slightly high, especially when quality is taken into consideration. Because of these reasons, our final rating is poor. Students should look elsewhere for reliable help with writing assignments.

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Reviewed My Home Work Done

I received a poor-quality essay with several errors in language, punctuation, and style.

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Reviewed My Home Work Done

enormous rates and awful quality. don't recommend this website

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Reviewed My Home Work Done

their prices are too high for such a miserable quality

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Reviewed My Home Work Done

I was so busy lately, I barely had time to sleep! My friend suggested I could use help from an online service and I landed on Myhomeworkdone. Looked nice, there were many positive comments so I payed my order. A lady from support sounded knowledgeable, she asked me some additional questions regarding my math assignment, everything looked fine. Until I received my completed order. That was a disaster! ALl they did was just long lines of calculations, no explanation at all. I spent an entire evening trying to wrap my mind around that paper. Save time they say! ha ha ha

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Reviewed My Home Work Done

The number of positive reviws of this company is just overwhelming. But frankly...they are not that good. My math homework was late without any explanations or apologies. Quality was subpar too.

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