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BestEssays Review by AllTopReviews has been around since 1997 and has a presence in the U.S. the U.K. and Australia. What can such a long-running company offer the student of today?

We start with a very busy looking landing page, loads of information crammed and squeezed into a space slightly bigger than an A4 page. It is confusing and difficult to look at and not at all user-friendly. For example, there are six buttons in the middle of the screen which simply seem to change the photograph that appears with some headlines which are of no practical use whatsoever

Products and Service You Will Find

Products and services seem limited on this site. Once you are able to find the right button, the “services” page is quite comprehensive and has some original services like Mind Map and programming on its roster of available tasks. In fact, the whole “Online Media Projects” section here is unusual as an offering and very interesting and different. BestEssays reviews note that the services are varied and that some seem unique - webinars, and simulation reports anyone?

Customer services are available on toll-free phone numbers, (strangely, only for the U.S. though) email, and a 24/7 chat line.

The Real proof - Writer experience and Quality of Products

There are 26 sample essays on the website. All of these are in the form of PDF files which can be downloaded and used as patterns or examples if you are thinking of going it alone. All are well written and of a good quality of writing and composition.

Best Essays devote a whole section to their writers which explain in detail how many they have for each area of study and their vetting and qualification procedures. They emphasise the writers pedigrees and even have accurate biographies for several of their top writers which include statistics like the feedback percentages of positives and negatives and how many students chose to use a particular author.

Now the money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

Different review sites mention their clever and unique way of differentiating the “quality” of their papers. This takes the form of standard, premium and platinum services and account for differences like being notified by SMS about the progress of the work, a superior support service, top ten writer guarantee and a proofreading which is of a higher standard than the normal service.

With regard to BestEssays prices they actually state that they are not the cheapest and that they pay their writers more for better quality work.

To give you an idea of the pricing we asked for a 10 page paper on an arts subject, to be completed in ten days, and the price was $193.20, £210.80  and £237.10 respectively for the standard, premium and platinum services. These are undoubtedly at the higher end of the scale by industry standards. discounts are 5% for 1-51 pages, 10% for 51-100 pages and 15% for101 or more pages. There is a $20 saving with service's coupon code. The site says that other discounts are available by leaving an email address. We could find no references to Best Essays promo codes.

Payment can be by any of the major credit cards, wire transfer but, oddly, not PayPal. The site has secure protection by and Security Metrics, and student information is secure with access via passwords and usernames.


content bestessays offer

The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful, the Ugly

Testimonials of this service speak highly of the company's long pedigree and track record, and this is undeniably a service provider that has been around a long time.

There are some great features - the very slick and comprehensive live statistic section, for example - but we found the site to be over complicated with a terrible layout and lots of superfluous “fluff.” boasts of its superior product, but this is only if you pay top dollar - by their own admission unless you go for their, "all-singing, all-dancing," platinum product you only get second rate proofreading, for instance.

We would want excellent proofreading across the board at these prices, so, unless you won the lottery last week, we’d think carefully about using Best Essays for our papers.

Best Essays Customers’ Reviews

Reviewed Best Essays

I agree it is hit and miss. Out of about 15 papers, two of them really were bad. The last paper was full of plagarism. I submitted and it was returned with a note from my instructor that she couldn't accept it. I'm lucky I wasn't expelled for plagarism! I was given 4 days to fix it and send it back. I asked Best Essays to fix it and was told I would have to submit a plagarism report. Where the hell do I get that from. I sent the paper to them with my instructors comments.. but that wasn't enough. I paid $140 for a paper I cannot use.

The other paper was a disaster also. I paid about the same price for a paper they did wrong and didn't follow the instructions. I ended up writing my own paper.

If you have the money and time to gamble, try them.

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Reviewed Best Essays

I order 3 different essay, the qualities were very poor and lots of grammar error. I spend few days for rewrite those essays. We you trying to use this service, you have to think again. I really really do not recommend!!!!!!

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Reviewed Best Essays

This service is like giveaways on instagram! You can give them the same task and you'll never get the same result! It really depends on a writer whether or not your paper will be good. And given their prices it could even be ok but they don't do free revisions...

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Reviewed Best Essays

I finished my research and dissertation writing myself. But I had no time to work on the conclusion. I provided these guys with all the material I had and asked to write it for me and after that proofread the whole text. In spite of the sum of money I paid, the conclusion was short and poorly written. And the dissertation itself had a lot of typos their "expert" missed. Not recommended.

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Reviewed Best Essays

Don`t like when a person lies straight to my face. And that was exactly what best essays` writer did. Hate it so-SO much! I will fight for 100% refund and never again use their services.

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Best Essays comments

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Reviewed Best Essays

My paper was three hours late. That's not what you expect from a "professional" writing service.

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Reviewed Best Essays

I don't have passion for writing and was looking for writers who have it! Writers of this company are not experts of the academic writing!

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Reviewed Best Essays

The support team is highly unprofessional. And the quality of papers could have been better. I’m sure there are better services on the web for this price.

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