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AffordablePapers Review by AllTopReviews is an academic writing service based in London, England. It has been in business for approximately eight years. We have been asked to write an review so that interested students will know what to expect should they come to this writing service for help. In preparation for this task, we first reviewed other affordable papers reviews. This allows us to get some insights that help us to write a fair and balanced review. We also take some time to explore the website, order an essay, and check out pricing and discounts. We hope that everybody reading this benefits from our review.

Products And Services You Will Find

From what we were able to find on their website and other affordablepapers reviews, this appears to be an academic only writing service. So, if you are interested in business or job seeking writing help, you are out of luck. Writing services that are offered up for students include, capstone projects, thesis and dissertation, homework help, essays, research papers, term papers, article critiques, and other typical writing assignments. We placed an order for a college level essay.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

The topic of our essay was, ‘the selection of the first American president’. It was to be four pages long, and we took the option of having the paper due in 14 days. This is the longest possible due date that there is. We found our writer to be very polite, but he took so long to respond to our inquiries that it became more than a little frustrating. Sadly, when we received our essay, we were no longer frustrated. We were appalled. The website acknowledges that their support teams are not in English speaking countries. We also believe that they are not hiring writers from English speaking countries either. There are certain errors in structure and phrasing that are red flags for this, and the essay we received was full of them. It is no wonder why virtually every review that we read had a poor rating. It was truly awful.

Now the Money - Prices Discounts And Payment Methods

Let’s talk about money. AffordablePapers prices are not bad. In fact, they are a bit below average. At first glance, this seems like a good thing. Unfortunately, low prices means low pay for writers. This means careless work and a lack of attention to detail. For a couple of dollars more per page, there could be a great improvement in quality. This, of course, assumes that the principles want that to happen. For the sake of disclosure, we paid 11 dollars per page.

We were surprised to find no readily available discounts. However, the website is so difficult to navigate that it is possible that we missed a section that explained any affordable papers discount programs. We wonder if they could do better by charging fair prices and then offering up affordable papers promo codes or the occasional affordablepapers coupon code. Of course, nothing will work well until quality issues are dealt with.

We paid for our essay using paypal. Other patrons can use credit cards or something call Skrill moneybookers. We did not encounter any difficulties or negative consequences.

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The Good The Bad The Beautiful The Ugly:

Here is the good. There are some decently written blog posts. Customer service is polite.

Here is the bad. The writing quality is awful. The website is absolutely frustrating to navigate.

We’d like to say that we found something beautiful, but we just didn’t.

Here is the ugly. Affordable Papers testimonials on the website appear to have been faked. They simply do not match the level of writing quality that we experienced.

Affordable Papers Customers’ Reviews

Reviewed Affordable Papers

I can't help wondering how these people manage to retain the customers and who writes the feedback for them. I am disappointed with their work. The writers aren't professional or expert writers. Prices are affordable, but they merely send the draft of the paper that you have to re-do, add, edit, and research. Paying a bit more, but getting the custom paper is better.

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Reviewed Affordable Papers

Sadly there isn`t much positive information to tell about this service.
They know the importance of deadlines, but they completely forget about the importance of high quality and professional approach while communicating with customers. What an outlandish writing resource...

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Reviewed Affordable Papers

Interesting place for custom papers. Nevertheless they promised to finish everything on time, they kinda postponed the deadline and mixed the last part of conclusions. As well, I expected them to provide me with a direct contact with the writer, but it never happened...

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Reviewed Affordable Papers

In case you are looking for some urgent help with an essay or any other kind of paperwork - this is not the correct place to ask for it.
You will get a discount, yes, but the overall quality of the paper doesn`t worth the time and the "communication" that you will have with them. No direct client-writer is proposed though.

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Reviewed Affordable Papers

My best advice for you would be - not to use this writing resource even if you are in a dreadful urgency. They do not care about the quality, they care only on the ways on how to get more money out of you, which is frustrating.

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Affordable Papers comments

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Reviewed Affordable Papers

I don't want to work with this writing service any more because of the terrible service and awful attitude to clients!

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