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The following is our review of In order to provide our audience with an accurate summation, we take several steps. These include ordering a paper, exploring the company website, researching the paper online, and reading several Elite Writings reviews that have been posted by previous customers. The review below reflects our total experience.

Products And Services You’ll Find

We learned from the website and several Elite Writings reviews that the company focuses primarily on academic writing and resumes and CV. Academic writing services are standard. They offer essays, research papers, book reports, etc. They target students from high school age through graduate school.

For our essay, we ordered a five page American history essay for a college student. We requested three resources and APA formatting. We did not place an order for any additional features or add-ons. We opted for the 11 day deadline.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

We were worried because Elite Writings reviews on other websites were largely negative. Unfortunately, the quality of writing we received matched those poor write-ups. There were spelling and grammar mistakes, and the writer’s logic simply did  not follow. They didn’t use enough resources.

The final product was a real disaster. Worse, we weren’t able to get any real help from customer support agents. They were almost completely ineffective. In fact, we believe on most occasions that we were dealing with an answering service instead of real employees.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

We paid 14.99 per page. This isn’t high. Sadly, the low quality writing makes these prices unacceptable. There are discounts. Unfortunately, you are forced to spam your friends and family members to receive an Elite Writings discount. We were given an Elitewritings coupon code. Unfortunately that was not available when we place our order. We did not find any other Elite Writings promo codes.

Normal payment methods are accepted. These include PayPal, debit and credit cards, as well as bank transfers.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

.Admittedly, the design of the website made it easy for us to place an order. We were also able to find information on the website fairly easily.

The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

Our experience writing this review was a bit like a bad restaurant experience. The website was well designed, just like a tempting menu. The elitewritings prices were attractive as well. Imagine thinking that you’re going to get great service and a great meal.

Unfortunately, in spite of some Elite Writings testimonials the writing was not prime. Instead it was poorly prepared and full of gristle. Even worse, when we tried to send the dish back, we were met with attitude and rudeness.

That’s only part of the reason for our low rating. As we worked on our EliteWritings review, we did some research. The company claims to be located in Miami. However, they are actually renting a virtual office. This makes it more than a little likely that they are an offshore company claiming to be located in the United States. Given the issues with writing quality, we suspect that there is some fraudulent intent here. Ultimately, our recommendation is that students avoid this site at all costs.

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Reviewed Elite Writings

could been better. to much hustle and bustle over minor isues like number words in conclusion. why call to ask such stuff?

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Reviewed Elite Writings

They may seem trustworthy but they are not the guys you can rely on for a well-written paper. No formatting, no proper list of references, a lot of typos. After their work, you`ll still need to spend quite a lot of time bringing the task to perfection. Not the kind of academic assistance you might expect.

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Reviewed Elite Writings

I`d recommend using other writing companies instead of elite writings.

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Reviewed Elite Writings

I read their blog and used tips from it in a couple of assignments, so, when things got tight I turned to Elite Writings for help without hesitation. All the more that they won't stop talking about their super professional writers. Grievously, that's just what they do - talk. The paper was written so poorly, I didn't even want to ask for a revision since there was nothing to revise, everything about it was wrong!

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Reviewed Elite Writings

It started so well, beautiful website, cooperative support workers, clear pricing and - oh - topic generator. It does inspire for cool essay ideas! But it all went vain when my essay came late for two days. I didn't get any notice, leave alone any apologies. What's more, when I saw the number of typos and weird sentence structure and asked for a revision which they offer for free, they told me it only was due for 2 days after an order completion. Nice, isn't it?

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