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Finding a reliable essay writing service is rather difficult nowadays, particularly considering the multitude of them online. One of those services is Homework Help Global, an essay writing service that can provide aid with any essay that you may have a deadline for. 

That said, how reliable is this website? Do you get a good essay for the money that you have paid for it? Is it a holy grail, or a holy fail? Our review taps into the products that they offer while also considering customer satisfaction. This way, you will know whether or not this service is actually worth the cash that you give for it.

The Products and Services You Will Find

Upon entering the website, you will be asked to select the region that you are from. You can either go for the USA, or you may go for Canada. Once you have selected the option, you should be able to see that the products you get are fitted for every student’s needs.

The list of services includes quite a variety of products, going from essays, research papers, term papers, and coursework to case studies, dissertations, proofreading, PowerPoint presentations, and so on. The list is rather long, so you have many options to choose from. 

This website also offers business plans and business reports, a product that is not often given on essay writing services. This makes is a rather beneficial tool for those looking past the academic purpose. You also have multiple-choice questions – both time-framed and non-time framed.

In the end, in terms of products and services, there’s nothing that you can’t find it. You can pick your word count and your deadline with ease – as it is the case with every essay writing service. One may say that the service is the jack-of-all-trades that can get all of your projects done.

The Real Proof – Writer Experience and Quality of Products

The website offers numerous services – but at the same time, one has to wonder whether or not the website has specific writers for the topic at hand. We have little to no information about the writers, which is why we cannot know for certain whether or not they have the proper knowledge to handle the tasks given to them. 

That said, while we cannot verify the sources that were used in making the paper, the result does look rather professional – at least in accordance with the level and price range that you choose.

In regard to the quality of services, as you go to the website’s testimonial pages, you’ll find several testimonials that attest to the quality of the writing and the experience of the writers.

That being said, upon doing an online search, you will see that there are various complaints in regard to the final product.  Most of them had issues with the papers being delivered past the deadline – which caused them to be late in their assignments. 

Some said that the quality of the writing was not up to par and there were some grammatical mistakes. This suggested that the writers providing the content were not natives in the English language. There were also occasional instances of plagiarism, but this was quite the rare occurrence – and if it happened, it was in quite small paragraphs. 

There were, however, quite a few people that were quite content with the product that they received. The writing looked professional-enough, particularly for the university-level papers. However, this suggests that the “good writers” were only handed the highly rated papers, whereas high-school and lower-level papers were given to non-native writers that were prone to grammar mistakes.  

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

This service has slightly higher prices in comparison to other services, with a page for a college paper with a deadline higher than 5 days costing $24.99. The shorter the deadline and the higher the level, the bigger the price will be. A Ph.D. page on a 6-hour deadline will cost $57.99 – the final price going way higher if you need something with a higher word count. 

While you may get a quality paper that can get a good grade, the final price is not something that a student living on a tight budget. It is a service that you may indeed use occasionally – but if you need a service that you can use on a regular basis, this may not be the right one for you. 

That said, it is worth noting that first-time users have a 10% promo code on their order, making it a convenient choice if it is a one-time deal. That said, there are no coupon codes for returning customers, which means HomeworkHelpGlobal has quite a weak loyalty program. With these prices and lack of discounts, the average student may be more inclined to go for an alternative essay writing website.

Payment can be done in three different ways: you can go through the classic card method, you may go for PayPal, or if none of those options work for you, then you may go for cash. The latter is done through bank transfers, and you will have to tell the teller the name and account of the service in order to make your deposit. This is quite a convenient option if you do not have access to a bank or PayPal account, and all you have at hand is cash. 

The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

The good is that the higher-level product here may have decent writing – with high chances of getting a high grade at university. This is a great choice if you have picky professors that are very picky about the texts – although you may still have to do quite a bit of proofreading on the paper. 

The bad is that if you want to get your hands on that type of paper, you may have to pay quite the hefty price for it. Under normal circumstances, that would not be a real deal-breaker; after all, you get what you paid for. However, since you have no actual control over which writer is assigned your paper, you may end up with a poorly written paper for which you paid a humongous amount of money. It can either turn out as a holy grail, or a holy fail. 

The beautiful is that you have various paper options to pick from. From literature to business and math, from proofreading to writing from scratch, the selection is quite impressive. The ugly is that while these writers may have good research skills, they might not have any previous knowledge of what they are writing. In the end, you may be purchasing a paper on native history, but it will be written by someone with good English – but they will have no clue what they are writing about. 

In the end, this writing service gets only 3 stars from us. You may get a fairly good paper (also depending on your luck), but for the price of the paper, you would expect the quality to be a lot higher. It is a legal and good alternative for those that are on a budget, but it may not be as good if you are on a tight budget. 

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Reviewed Homework Help Global

I received a paper for which I paid over £56 that was 94% plagiarized; they refused to accept responsibility for the unprofessional job they provided to me. I advise you to stay away from their services.

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Ella Mejia

Reviewed Homework Help Global

I needed help with my Math assignment. Tried to contact them 3 times but didn't get any answer

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Reviewed Homework Help Global

I paid for my paper and didn't get it in time. I had better experience with other services, won't use this one again

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Reviewed Homework Help Global

The website is bad and the support team are the worst. Better use another company!

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