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Add to compare is not a professional writing service – it is an editing and proofreading service. As we looked to review this company and its provisions, we were able to locate several off-site Kibin reviews, which give us the impression that the company is probably about two years old. To provide an objective analysis and evaluation of this agency, we looked at the following factors: site content/usability, on-site Kibin testimonials, information about the employed editors, pricing and discounts, customer support, and the results of an editing project we submitted. The following review is the result of these factors.

Products and Services You Will Find

This company offers editing and proofreading services to students, business professionals, and job seekers. It does not provide original research and writing, but, rather, takes uploaded documents from clients and performs a review and edit. According to the company, a Kibin review is thorough and comprehensive. It includes an analysis of structure, coherency, fluency, sentence structures, and mechanics. Editors make corrections and provide comments to the client about those edits.

Kibin services

The Real Proof – Writer Experience and Quality of Products

Our review in this area began with accessing the link at the bottom of the home page titled “meet the editors.” We were shown photos, their geographic locations, how many projects they had completed, etc. We did not get any academic or experiential backgrounds on these individuals.

We then searched for Kibin reviews on the web, and found several. They were mixed. Complaints included such things as high prices, the requirement for purchasing a subscription for services, and the lack of real editing, only proofreading for mechanical errors.

We purchased the basic subscription and uploaded a research for editing. We purposely included some major compositional errors – no thesis statement, poor transitions, and incorrect subject-verb agreement, and faulty citation formatting. When we received the document back, all of the mechanical errors were corrected. However, there was no mention of the lack of a thesis statement, no suggestions for strengthening transitions, and a couple of glaring sentence structural errors were neither caught nor commented on. Overall, we were disappointed in the results.

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

Customer will not find and Kibin discount – no Kibin promo codes for new customers nor any type of Kibin coupon code for being a loyal customer. What customers will find is the ability to get a quick price quote based upon number of words and deadline requirements in hours. Kibin prices are not really revealed in detail until the customer begins the ordering process. At that time, they discover that this service is subscription-based and a subscription is required in order to submit any document for editing. Kibin prices therefore must include the add-on for the subscription.

We purchased the basic subscription which we then cancelled later, but it was quite a hassle to do so.

We paid for our subscription and our document editing, using our credit card, and the process was safe and easy. We also received our document on time.

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What if You Need Help? Can You Find It Easily?

The quick answer is “No.” There is a link at the bottom of the home page, along with several others, for “contact.” The company has no phone number or live chat service. There is only an email address, and that is manned only 8 hours a day. This is worrisome. Further, there is no way to contact an editor or to even know who one’s editor is. This demonstrates a lack of transparency that we do not usually see with writing services.

The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly has a site that is not easily navigated. There are no links at the top of the page, and visitors must find the small font links at the bottom of the page to find anything. It takes a lot of navigation to get to information and features, of which there are very few. The FAQ section, for example, is not a separate listing. You stumble across it while on a different page. This site needs to be re-modeled to make it far more user-friendly. The other issue we have is the price paid for pretty poor editing quality. We paid $60.75 for our 8-page paper edit, with a long deadline time, and also had to pay an additional $1 for each citation check. What we received was only proofreading for mechanical errors. Our rating is therefore “Poor.” Cheaper, far better editing services are available through regular writing services.

Kibin review

Kibin Customers’ Reviews

Reviewed Kibin

Kibin is a trustworthy company – according to their website. But according to my experience with them – they are not. My order of an essay was poorly completed, as well as the money I paid are quite insane for such job to be done. What can I say? Doesn’t look like a good service you can find online.

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Reviewed Kibin

They have a great web-site with an excellent design. That`s probably all they have. For Kibin to develop a paper of a requested quality is almost a mission impossible. Another minus is the high price and not a nice amount of discounts (only one that you might get for the first order). At least they do not miss the deadline.

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Reviewed Kibin

Actually, I still do not understand the real purpose of the Kibin`s existence and how it can help in real life. I wrote a term paper on my own, but wanted to make sure that I rewrote some parts correctly and that it didn`t have lots of plagiarism. Well, the plagiarism report wasn`t well completed and I still had some doubts. Don`t think it`s really useful to work with them.

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Reviewed Kibin

A friendly and excellent support team that do not exist.
Not possible to find a phone number or a live chat - you have to wait until they finally reply to your e-mail. Lying testimonials on their website like: If I knew the Kibin, I would have slept more in college. How? Kibin does not write papers, only makes editing, which is not of the premium quality

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Reviewed Kibin

Maybe they have some expert writers who know the real meaning of professional approach and how to make proper communication. But what a pity that there isn`t a great amount of useful services. They do not write essays, do not do math task, do not complete CVs - why would I need their help?

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Kibin comments

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Reviewed Kibin

I ordered an essay from them and it was an urgent order. However, the writer failed to meet the deadline and it caused a lot of problems for me. Will never order from them again.

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