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Writing isn’t for everyone – or so says That said, when you are ambushed by essay work during the exam period, you may be an incredible writer – but if you don’t have the time to work on them, then you are done for. In this case, you need an essay writing service that you know for a fact you can rely on. 

That said, how safe is Write My Papers to use? Is it legal – and if it is, what are its advantages and drawbacks? Are there any aspects that you need to be aware of? With this review, you should be able to find out everything there is to know about the reliability of this service. 

The Products and Services You Will Find is advertised as being a writing service that can offer professional college paperwork to their clients. The aim is to match the client’s desired result so that they can focus on the things that matter most.

There are various services covered, going from your typical college work papers to business writing, critical thinking, statistics projects, reports, and even annotated bibliographies. That said, this is the kind of writing service that has a service for every major. 

WriteMyPapers allows you to choose your writer – but this can only be done for deadlines bigger than 24 hours. This feature is also tricky as well since you likely won’t know the style before you try it. You know the saying: you’ll have to kiss some frogs before you get to the prince. That said, if you want to reap the benefits of this tactic, you’ll have to make a couple of orders beforehand. 

The services are available 24/7 – so even if you find yourself in the need of an essay writing service in the middle of the night, the staff here should be able to take your order right away. This is why they can provide papers on a short deadline. The fastest paper can come in 3 hours, whereas the longest is at 14 days. 

Customer service can also be approached at any time with your requests. This feature is quite convenient if you have a paper due, but you do not exactly know what category it’s due in. 

Another feature that this service offers is the opportunity of tracking your paper. If, for example, you place an order on a longer deadline with multiple pages, then you may check its progress and suggest any changes. This approval process will ensure that the paper you receive is completely to your liking. 

The Real Proof – Writer Experience and Quality of Products

As per the claims of WriteMyPapers, there are more than 1000 experts with degrees on the website that can write your paper. Not all of them are English natives, but since they are all said to have diplomas, they should be able to provide high-quality service. Plus, the advantage of non-natives would be that there’s certainly an alert expert in your time zone if you need the paper very fast.

There are a couple of good reviews about this service, with people saying that they received well-written papers. That being said, numerous customers claim the papers weren’t professional and that they had many spelling mistakes. A good number of clients said that they had difficulties in contacting the writer and even the customer service – leaving them hanging until the moment the paper was due. 

With this high number of writers, you may expect that not all of them are native speakers. However, there are quite a lot of them as well that often make grammatical or syntax mistakes – leading us to believe that they aren’t all degree holders. If they do have one, it’s in a completely different domain than in English writing. 

Writers also seem to have quite superficial knowledge on the subject or do not use the right academic language. While they may be able to get the correct idea across, this might take points down from your grade – particularly if your professor is very keen on the proper structure. The papers, however, seem to be delivered right on time – so that’s a plus as well. 

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

The prices depend on the exact type of paper that you intend to purchase – although many may say they fall within the average, without jumping into the expensive range. You have a price calculator straight on the main page of the website, where you may add all your requirements. You can add your college level, your deadline, the type of paper, and the number of pages that you need, and they will calculate the price right away.

For example, one page for an undergraduate level essay on a 14-day deadline will cost $11.99. Obviously, the higher the requirements, the higher the prices will also be. There is a promo code that takes 7% off the order for first-time customers. It’s not as much as most companies of the type offer, but it’s still better than nothing.

Write My Papers also offers discounts based on the price of the paper that you purchase. For instance, if your order goes above $500, you get a 5% discount. However, if you have a more complex project and the price goes higher than $1,000, then you get a 10% discount. These coupon codes are, again, rather small in comparison to other high-rated companies, but they are still appreciated there. 

You are also entitled to get a full refund if the writing service did not succeed in finding a good writer for your paper – one that also had the background knowledge aside from the skill. Plus, you can also get your money back if the assigned writer was not able to meet your deadline. 

Payment methods are standard, the company accepting VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and Discover. The paperwork will only be delivered after you have made the payment in full, so you might be taking a risk with that. 

The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

The good about this website is that you have quite a wide selection of services, going through a variety of different domains. The bad is that while the price-range is average, the discounts are very small. In comparison to other websites that give more attractive discounts, you would pay more by using the services of WriteMyPapers.

The beautiful is that many of the papers given out from this website are qualitative – from writers that know what they are doing. The ugly is that you will have to do quite a bit of fishing until you stumble across that one good writer you know you can rely on. Until that point, you might just end up with several bad writers and some bad grades. 

In the end, this service gets three stars from us. It is not too cheap, but not too pricey either. It’s a good alternative for those that do not have the time to write their own paper but still want to be able to pass. If you don’t need something exquisite, these papers may be helpful. Customers’ Reviews




I paid an amount of money on this service expecting it to be original. Plagiarism was 34% on Turnitin. Everyone can paraphrase and copy parts from the internet, I paid then in order NOT to do that. I got a C on my paper for this reason. Will never try it again, and I don't recommend it to anyone.

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Sian Lacey


Very bad quality. The files were poorly written :(

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I have used this website for more than 3 yrs. They are the worst at all. I have experienced plagiarism, passing the deadline, fake promised by the customer services, and fraud.

I wrote this review just to warn all of you to be away from this website. Otherwise, go and try their service by yourself and you will remember my review.

Good luck

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The writer was to write a two page paper for masters level. My professor stated that she did not understand what the writer was writing about. I gave the writer specific instructions, to answer the questions in the article. This paper was done at a junior high school level. Was so embarrassed that she couldn't even grade my paper. Never again! Want my money back

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