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We have received multiple requests for reviews on Tailored Essays. This is an academic writing service working mostly with college students. To write this review, we took several steps in preparation. First, we took the time to read other Tailored Essays reviews that have been posted online by previous customers. These offer great insights. We also explored the writing service website. We placed an order and reviewed the paper we received for quality. We even compared prices and sought out Tailored Essays promo codes to see if any savings or special deals were offered. Keep reading! Our conclusions are below.

Products And Services You Will Find only offers essay writing services. No, we are not using essays as a ‘catch all’. They do not offer research papers, term papers, or other documents. Instead, they simply offer essay writing services. We were stunned by this as it is not something we have encountered previously. In order to complete our review, we placed an order for a college level essay.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

Nearly every Tailored Essays review that we encountered was sharply critical of writing quality and writer expertise.  Unfortunately, our experience matched what we read. The essay we received was simply not up to par. There were more errors than are reasonably acceptable for a college level paper. The sources the author picked were definitely not academic sources. It was very clear that we were not dealing with a qualified writer.
To make things worse, we began looking into having our paper revised. After all, it would have been a bit of a saving grace had the company stood behind its quality guarantees and offered a free revision. Unfortunately, we were met with lots of resistance. Customer support seemed determined not to help us fix the paper we had purchased.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

TailoredEssays prices are well within the normal range. We paid between thirteen and fourteen dollars per page. However, when we looked into discounts, we did not find any. There is no Tailored Essay discount page. We were also unable to find a Tailored Essay coupon code.

We made our payment via PayPal at the time we placed our order. We did not encounter any difficulties with making payment. As mentioned above, we did receive a paper in exchange for our payment. It does not appear as if there is a scam or other similar issue at play here.

The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly rating is poor. While we did find a few complimentary Tailored Essays testimonials, the overall tone of TailoredEssays reviews were quite negative. Our complaints primarily focused on writing quality and customer support. However, we were also troubled by the limited service offerings we encountered while conducting this review.

Perhaps if quality had been significantly better, we could have embraced the idea of a writing company offering only one service. Unfortunately, this was not the case here. Because of that, we strongly urge our readers to look into other writing services. For your convenience, we have several positive reviews posted to our website. These will lead students to trustworthy services.

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Reviewed Tailored Essays

This service is just a waste f money. Needed a movie review with 48 hours deadline and 3 particular references. They called me the night before the deadline and asked if I could send those works I wanted references from. I gather that's exactly when the writer started working on my task. What kind of quality can they offer in those circumstances? The paper looked as a rewrite of several reviews on the web. The writer surely did not watch the movie.

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Jim Couch

Reviewed Tailored Essays

I believe this service employes ESL students to save money on professional academic writers. That`s why there so many mistakes in their essays and no proper structure. I sent my order for revision but they brought it back without any alterations saying I was too picky. Not recommended!

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Reviewed Tailored Essays

I submitted an order for a research paper and in the course of an hour no one accepted it! I got in touch with customer support and they told me they couldn't do it because the topic was too technical. Disappointed:(

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Reviewed Tailored Essays

They have so many tips on how to write a persuasive essay. The question is why they don`t follow their own advice?

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Reviewed Tailored Essays

Their prices are affordable comparing to other services. That`s the only pro I can mention so far. Poor quality, unfriendly and ignorant support members and outdated website.

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