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Finding a good essay writing service is sometimes quite a bit of a challenge, particularly when you are in a bit of a rush and you need to get things done at a good price. That said, StudyClerk is said to help all of those that require academic services – regardless of the discipline. Therefore, even if you need a paper in economics or one in Gothic literature, to give some examples, StudyClerk should be able to help you in that regard.

That said, how qualitative are the services provided by StudyClerk? Are the prices appropriate for the level of professionalism that they provide? Are there any kinks that you need to be aware of? What about its legal status? So many questions that need to be addressed – but luckily for you, you are about to receive your answers soon enough, through this review. 

The Products and Services You Will Find

At first, upon going on the Writing Services page of StudyClerk, you might get a bit confused. Many of the service pages look quite similar, so you don’t know which one to go for. That said, once you take a better look, you’ll realize that you have two categories there: type of service and type of assignment.

The type of services is pretty obvious: essay making. That said, it’s the type of assignment that differs, depending on what the customer is looking for. You can go for any type of essay and article, to coursework, dissertation work, business plans, and capstone projects. In most cases, any type of work can be tackled – but you will have to discuss it with the writer beforehand. 

The customer support is also available 24/7, although there were various users complaining of their ability to respond promptly. If you had a paper with a much shorter deadline, this might have come as an inconvenience. By the time the customer support answered, chances are that you might have passed your deadline. There were also instances where the answers came in very quickly.

It does, however, offer you a way to directly contact the writer before you hire them. This way, you should be able to determine whether or not the writing style is precisely what you are looking for. 

You also get a plagiarism checker feature to ensure that every paper you get is 100% original. This is a good option for taking away the stress, particularly if you know for a fact that your professor uses a plagiarism checker.  

The Real Proof – Writer Experience and Quality of Products

Now, StudyClerk allows you to choose which writer you want to hire – something that you can see from the main page. Each writer has a public success rate along with the number of projects completed. By going to their profile, you may also determine whether or not their major is suitable for what you need (in the event that they did post their major).

That said, considering that so many writers could apply to be a part of this service, there’s a high chance that the writer you get will not have any degree for it whatsoever. Many previous customers have complained about the lack of professionalism in the papers, grammatical mistakes, and the inability to stick to the paper’s thesis. There were, however, some people that were content with the quality of the paper that they received.  

Their responses seem robotic – and although they probably don’t use an AI, they probably copy-paste their initial texts, keeping everything short. This is why you may not be able to determine their skill from the very beginning – and may just end up with a low-quality paper that will get you a good grade. 

You may, however, guide yourself using the reviews. There, users are encouraged to leave reviews on the writer’s page after the project is over, serving as guidance for those who are considering hiring them. This way, you should be able to determine for yourself whether or not the writer can actually do a good job.

There’s no way to tell, however, whether or not those profiles are real. When doing basic internet searches, it’s like most of those people don’t even exist; like they were out there just for show. For all you know, there could be just one writer writing behind different fake profiles. 

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

Unlike most websites that feature a fixed price, this one works on a bidding system. This means that prices are practically negotiable with the writer, depending on the complexity of the project, your deadline, and so on. That said, while the writer still has quite a bit of freedom in negotiating the price, you usually cannot go lower than $18 per page. For the average student, this is considered to be quite pricey. 

There is also no promo code, no coupon codes, and no discounts. The only “discount” you will get is if you manage to negotiate a lower price with the writer. That said, they also have certain limits that they can’t go over – so your initial lower price can be your final price. 

There is, however, an interesting event that occurs after cancelling an initial order – and this happened quite often, as more than one user mentioned it happening. When you cancel an order and create it once again, you will get writer’s bidding offers that have reduced prices. Granted, they are still very expensive – but it’s still a very good way to get your paper down a few dollars.  

Payment is done through standard means – in most cases, credit or debit cards. They accept VISA or MasterCard, and you will have to make the money available on the platform before the order is completed. 

The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

The good of this website is that unlike other services, you can choose who is writing your paper. You can see their bio, what major they graduated with, how much experience they have, their rating, their reviews – pretty much everything that matters to you when it comes to writing papers. The bad is that you have no certainty whether or not those profiles are actually true, and you have no certainty whether or not the writer is certified or experienced. 

The beautiful is that the prices are negotiable to some extent, which means that you can get quite a decent price for the paper. The ugly, however, is that at a minimum of $18, the prices are still very high. If you are on a budget, this website might prove too expensive for you.

In the end, we could only give this service a maximum of 3 stars. Granted, most of the papers you receive here are quite good – but considering the price that you pay for them, it is not worth it. You might as well find a different alternative, one that at least gives you some discounts as well.

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Reviewed Study Clerk

Despite my efforts, they didn't care to respond to my concerns even once on time. It was almost as though they were doing it for free. It was revolting!!

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Reviewed Study Clerk

I needed my documents in French translated to English and they did it all wrong!

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Reviewed Study Clerk

They are scammers!!! I paid for my paper and didn't get it!!!!!!!

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Reviewed Study Clerk

Got sloppy
At the beginning, they were very attentive to details but toward the end -- there were spelling and grammar mistakes that they made in my paper. I am disappointed.

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