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BestDissertation Review by AllTopReviews, as its name implies, concentrates on dissertation and thesis writing. Their home page conveys the fact that they will deal with, not only whole dissertations and theses, but also individual chapters, editing, and proofreading.

Best Dissertation States that their writers have university degrees from the US and the UK and are experienced thesis and dissertation authors in their own right. They also state that all of the dissertations and thesis papers are custom written and competitively priced.

Best Dissertation have been around since 2011 - you can tell this from the testimonials! The ones highlighted on the “Testimonials” page date from 2011 and we could find no 2016 entries at the time of writing. This would lead us to conclude that there is not too much going on here.

BestDissertation review sites are mixed in their assessments of this company.

Products and Service You Will Find

As we mentioned, the main business of the company is the production of dissertation and thesis papers together with editing, proofreading, and formatting services for those who have written their own. The service covers the whole gamut of products and includes; financial dissertations, research papers, coursework, thesis proposals, dissertation discussion, results, methodology, literature review, introduction, chapter, and abstracts, as well as various extra academic services.

There are various samples on a whole range of subjects which are available for download as PDF files. These provide an insight into the type of writing that is available and the standard of authorship of the writers.

Best Dissertation reviews All relatively complimentary about the and the standard of products that are offered by this company.

The Real Proof – Writer Experience and Quality of Products

Best Dissertation boast of 500 PhD specialists and they claim high academic standards for these. Our experience was a little different and we found that the papers lacked a little in their knowledge and scope.

As a test we asked for a paper on “Risk management in Automation and Power Industries”. The sharp eyed will notice that  this is a paper which appears on the samples list. What we got was a tedious and almost unreadable dirge which was grammatically incorrect in places and the factually wrong in others.

In educational terms the expression, “could do better” comes to mind. review Sites have also mentioned the lack of academic content and bad writing associated with thier papers.

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

BestDissertation prices are split into three bands which consist of a standard, advanced and premium level. We asked for an English essay to be written, consisting of 10 pages and to be completed with a deadline of 10 days. The standard level price for this was $149.90, the advanced level price was $169.90, and the premium level was $189.90; these are the basic prices without any discounts applied to them.

Best Dissertation discount offers are fairly standard for the industry; there is 5% off for orders of 15 to 50 pages, 10% off for orders of 51 to 100 pages, and 15% off for orders of over 101 pages. discounts start with a 20% discount off of the first order that you make.

BestDissertation reviews do not tend to be too impressed with the range of discounts offered.

BestDissertation coupon code offers are available, with 20% discount on the first order, by using the code on the landing page.

Best Dissertation promo codes did not seem to be available for anything. rating scores were not high when it came to the offers and discounts available here.


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The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful, the Ugly

In theory having a site which concentrates solely on academic levels at which dissertations and theses have to be written is a great specialty . In practice, however, this needs to be executed at the very levels at which it is aimed.

Unfortunately, Best Dissertation seem to be consistently  aiming away from the target. This is a shame because we were expecting better things; it is well worth looking around at alternatives that are not so specialized - it would seem that there is no real advantage to this after all.

Best Dissertation testimonials are fairly mediocre and we would concur with this general stance.

Best Dissertation Customers’ Reviews

Reviewed Best Dissertation

In case you're too lazy to read my opinion about this site - it is not worth it. This writing company isn't authoritative! All they write about their quality is quite exaggerated! My dissertation part was delivered on time, however there was so many parts to my dissertation that I had to re-do. Mainly I used even less than half of the written paper. I could not use the ideas they've represented in dissertation.

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Reviewed Best Dissertation

As for a professional (as they call themselves) writing service they have quite mediocre writers and completely inexperienced support team. I ordered an essay from them and it was written so badly that I was obliged to buy another one from a different company in order to get a good grade. Really bad company. Won’t order from them again and won't recommend it to anyone.

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Reviewed Best Dissertation

I ordered a dissertation abstract from this company. It wasn’t delivered on time and support managers didn’t tell me about it beforehand. I was very upset that I couldn’t get my abstract when I needed it. What is more, the quality of the paper wasn't good at all. I don't recommend this service. There are plenty of better ones I believe with the same prices.

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Reviewed Best Dissertation

This service had great reviews, so I was optimistic about going to them with my assignment. The result was horrible! Just awful! You would imagine that a book review isn't too hard to do for a specialist, but apparently, it proved the contrary. Don't recommend them!

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Reviewed Best Dissertation

Disgusting quality of the paper that I ordered a few weeks ago! The writer seemed to be way too unskilled for the kind of paper that I ordered (proofreading, editing and plagiarism checking). I regret wasting my time on this writing service!!

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Best Dissertation comments

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Reviewed Best Dissertation

If anyone wants papers with mistakes then they can order from here, I won't!

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Reviewed Best Dissertation

What an awful writing level of this company! I just wasted my money on useless paper!

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