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Writing Elites is a company that swears to provide unmatched quality papers, plagiarism free content, and quick turnaround times. They also put an emphasis on customer service and security of its users. Their services are mostly academic in nature, with papers ranging from high school levels to doctorate levels. Our assessment calls into question some of the practices of the company.

We experienced plagiarism, for one thing. We also feel that their prices are enormously falsified on the website itself. For the price we paid, we feel that students may be cheated by this site. After checking the quality of their website, we then proceeded to review the services so we could assess the pros & cons of their services for the benefit of the students who are reading this review.

Products and Services

Apart from their academic writing services, we also found that offers specialty services in the form of book reviews, biographies, and other non-academic papers. They offer essays, theses, dissertations, cover letters, admissions essays, statements, and more. They break down their offers by academic level and price them accordingly as well.


As we surveyed their site, we also looked through several testimonials and customer reviews to confirm whether WritingElites is a fraud or scam. When we checked the Better Business Bureau (BBB), we found that they were part of the database.

Writing Quality/Writer Expertise

Our first order of business was to buy a paper from them. We chose to order a Masters degree essay, written from scratch for a Creative Writing class. We allowed the writer to choose the title and requested 10 pages of text within 8 hours, their fastest turnaround time. The price seemed to bely what they advertised, which was half of what we were charged.

When we received the essay before the agreed upon deadline, which we took as a good sign. Unfortunately, the contents of the essay were not as appealing. After checking for plagiarism hits electronically, we found 0% hits. However, after a manual assessment of our research team, we found that the essay came from a source dating back to 2015 in one of the popular forums where essay samples are shared.

Even though the quality of writing was all right, we do not accept the fact that they plagiarized the paper. Anyone caught with that paper could face dire consequences due to plagiarism.

Pricing and Discounts

Payment from orders can be made only through PayPal, which allows you a bit of security if ever you need your money back. Security-wise, Writing Elites can deliver. Unfortunately, there were some discrepancies in their pricing system. After computing their advertised prices and placing it next to our computations, the difference can go up to 70%. We see that as false advertising, which brings their rating down a notch.

We also looked for coupon codes and promo codes, but we did not find any on their site or anywhere else on the internet. They do offer a 15% discount for newbies, which we saw was deducted from our final bill. They also offer loyalty discounts like 5% for $500 purchases, 10% for $1000, and 15% for $2000. That last one does not seem fair though, so we advise students to aim for the 10% rather than the $2000.

Additional Features

According to the site, they offer plagiarism checks using high-performing tools. They also said that they had manual checkers who can see if a paper has been taking from existing online sources. Again, we do not trust their plagiarism checkers, manual or otherwise. Complaints about it are also circumspect, considering they only acknowledge plagiarism hits that are assessed by their tech and “experts.”

Apart from that, the company offers a revision policy that allows you to make changes to your paper within 14 days. The only disadvantage is that policy starts on the day you order a paper, rendering a 14-day paper inadmissible for revisions. With these kind of rules, we don’t think you’re getting any treats at all.


Quality-wise, we have no clue on how WritingElites would have done with an original content piece. If you are looking for quality, this may not be the place to look for it. The site’s services are probably designed for students who are in a rush to get their paper submitted, regardless of the grade. Since most schools use electronic plagiarism detectors anyway, it would be hard to pinpoint the source of the paper if the professor has not seen it before.


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Reviewed Writing Elites

their customer service aren't very reasonable. and in my opinion their prices are too high..

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Reviewed Writing Elites

Poor quality and slow delivery, don't recommend them

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Reviewed Writing Elites

it's a fraud!! i paid for my paper and they stopped answering me

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Ann Blackburn

Reviewed Writing Elites

DO NOT USE WRTING ELITES. THIS IS A SCAM!! They will take your money and promise if you don't find the tutors up to standards they will refund you but this is a TOTAL LIE. THEY WILL NOT REFUND YOU UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. There is no vetting process for tutors, they will hire anyone regardless of their ability to teach or not. Its shameful how they run this company especially given the fact that its a world wide pandemic. They will steal your money!

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Reviewed Writing Elites

In general, I`m satisfied. They managed to meet the deadline and write my essay according to all the requirements. But my professor wasn`t keen on the style of writing. So the grade was C-(

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Reviewed Writing Elites

It looks like Writing Elites is just a full waste of time. I tried to place my order a couple of times but again and again the support team didn’t react. When they finally did they asked for a double price instead of the one that was posted online via their price calculator. How is it possible?

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