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Finding a good essay writing service might be slightly challenging, especially considering the multitude of services out there. One of those services is WritePaperFor.Me, an essay writing service that promises to rid students of the burden of having to write their essays themselves. 

That said, some websites seem too good to be true – so what about this one? Is it legit, or is it just a cheap website that you need to steer clear of? There are numerous opinions on this matter. We’ll see about that as we go forward with our review, answering any potential questions that you might have. 

The Products and Services You Will Find

Upon going on their page, you will see a list of services on the menu that this essay writing service provides. In the drop-down menu, you can see services such as essay and term paperwork, but also pages such as college and essay work. That said, you cannot see a list of specific essay types, only services such as “pay for essay” or “do my homework” – without any specific mention on the main page of the kind of homework they could help with.

This changes as you enter the order form. There, you can see that you can choose types of paper going from standard articles and essays to business plans, multiple-choice questions, and even dissertation work. Regardless of the type of homework that you may have, all you have to do is enter your topic, add in the paper details, attach any potential materials, and go forward with your order. 

The website also shows you how many qualified writers you can find on the website in total, as well as how many writers are online at the time of your order. They also allow you to contact the staff through live chat, provided phone number, and email. 

By going through the menu, you may also see that samples are provided as well for a variety of essay types. This way, you should be able to determine whether the writing style is appropriate for what you are looking for. That said, while you may be able to see the quality of the writing along with a particular pattern, you may not be able to see who wrote that paper. It will, however, give you a good idea of how the website operates. 

You get papers that are free of plagiarism, free revisions until you are completely satisfied with the results, and divided payments in case you do not have all the cash on hand at a moment’s notice. This is quite a convenient choice for those that are on a tight budget while at college and can’t get their hands on all the money in one go. 

Last but not least, the website also has a blog where you may read a variety of tips and tricks. This makes it the perfect choice for students that are looking for information as well, aside from the standard homework help. It also gives further insight into the team’s ability to write. 

Overall, by looking at the interface of the website, it looks like it can offer all the basic academic needs that a student might have.

The Real Proof – Writer Experience and Quality of Products

The website boasts that it has 1166 qualified writers with very high ratings – and around 74% of the clients returning for even more papers. On their website, you may also see that several customers left reviews, mentioning that the essays they provided were of high quality.

Independent websites also attest to the quality of the writing, although there were also some people that claimed the English level was poor, regardless of the number of revisions that they asked for. The deadline was apparently always respected, but there were occasional issues with the quality and their ability to meet the requirements. 

When looking at the list of writers, you can only see a small number of what we believe are the top writers – although we have no guarantee that those profiles are true. Since we cannot see their credentials, all we can do is take their word for it when they tell us that they are at the top of their job

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

This website is quite a popular choice, mainly because it has some cheap prices that are unmatched on the internet. Considering that in most cases, a page for a standard high school paper starts at about $12, this one starts at $6.99 per page. Obviously, the type of paper that you go for along with the deadline and its level will also influence the final payment. 

Upon going on the first page of the website, you will see the price calculator right away. There, you will be able to add your standard requirements so that you may get an average idea on how much you have to pay for that paper in particular. 

In the event that you do not have the cash at the very moment, this website has an option that you can’t find on your average essay: you can order now, and you can pay for it later. This way, even if you have an urgent unexpected deadline and you’ll only get the money later on, you will not have to sacrifice your grade for it.

That said, while the prices are quite attractive, there aren’t any discounts that you can take advantage of. There is no promo code for newcomers, and there aren’t any coupon codes for returning customers. Pretty much all you get as a “discount” is a low average price that is quite uncommon for the essay writing service domain. 

That said, these low prices may also make one wonder whether the quality of the paper will also be low. Most complaints generally came from those who purchased the standard packages, mainly for high school papers and beginner-level essays. 

The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

The good is that unlike other essay writing services, this one has numerous good reviews on independent review websites. The bad, however, is that you cannot be completely certain if those reviews are fake or not. There were still enough people that claim they did not get what they wanted from the product.

The beautiful is that if you aren’t picky about the services you are using and need a passing grade, then this service offers quite the cheap services, along with divided payments. This makes it quite a good option for those that are on a tight budget. The ugly, however, is that there aren’t any extra perks that you may take advantage of. 

There aren’t any discounts either. This means that the divided payment method is the only beneficial thing you will reap.

In the end, we could only give 3 stars to this service. It may have a few good reviews but considering that it’s pretty “ghostly” on the market, you cannot be completely certain they aren’t a scam. We’d suggest you find a more trustworthy alternative. 

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Reviewed WritePaperFor.Me

I required help with some tasks. Unfortunately, I chose them...The content of the assignment they sent was not okay. Ant the customer support works really slow

0 helpful votes


Reviewed WritePaperFor.Me

Hired them to help me write some documents and they did it wrong.

0 helpful votes


Reviewed WritePaperFor.Me

Beware, this company is a scam!! The positive reviews are clearly written by them, they are terrible. Writers have the poorest English and the results are awful. They promised to revise their work three times, and each time the writing got worse. They emailed me offering a 65% credit towards my next service, refused to refund me. Why would they think I would ever do business with them again?! They are scamsters and I am working to get them investigated and exposed for what they are.

0 helpful votes

Ruby D.

Reviewed WritePaperFor.Me

The sample texts that supposedly wrote their authors are not even remotely what you get in reality from those, these pattern texts certainly have not written the authors. Even if the order goes wrong and you fail because the author is extremely bad and writes as bad as a 5 year old, no compensation for the damage.

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