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6 Things Worth Considering Before You Decide to Change University After First Year

  • Posted by Amanda
  • October 20, 2016
6 Things Worth Considering Before You Decide to Change University After First Year

If you are a freshman student thinking of transferring or changing university after first year because you are having troubles with your academics or you want to shift your major, or maybe you are struggling with finances or simply because you realized that your current university is not the right fit for you, then maybe it is for the best that you transfer to another university.

You are not alone. A lot of students feel the need after freshman year. The ratio is one in every three students transfer universities. If you are one of them, just make sure your motivations are reasonable and you won’t regret your decisions in the end.

Hera is some things that you should know and consider before making that big move.

1. Give your current school a chance.

If you are unhappy with your current school, maybe you should find out the real reason why. It could be that you feel left out because you are not getting yourself involved a lot. It could also be that the new environment is overwhelming and you’re not used to it yet. Is it your professors? Can you change your university course? Maybe there is an open university change course option that you can take instead.

It is important that you know your motivations before you decide to transfer university. If it is something that can be changed without you having to transfer, maybe all you need is to give your current university a chance.

2. Do your research and plan ahead of time.

Planning ahead of time and doing your research can save you a lot of headaches and possibly, regrets. If changing your course at university is your reason for transferring, research for universities that offer the course and has a good standing. Plan your visits as well. You may want to look for housing inside the universities or an apartment just within the university’s vicinity.

3. File for leave of absence

File for leave of absence first in case you changed your mind and decide to go back. Your emotions might just be temporary because the reason you want to change university is the people around you or a bad breakup.

4. Consider taking a part-time job, financial help, and scholarship grant.

Financial problem is one of the main reasons why students transfer. Consider taking a part-time job or seek out specialized financial help the university offers. If you meet the qualifications, you can apply for a scholarship grant as well.

5. Prepare your requirements and grades prerequisites.

Aside from applications, you also have to prepare your grades as prerequisites, pass the exams, and complete the units.

6. You might want to consider prior college acceptances.

Maybe you feel like you made the wrong choice of enrolling at your current university when you had better options. Consider reviewing your prior college acceptances. You can contact them and ask if you can re-apply. Some won’t allow it but some do as long as you are able to follow instructions and submit all requirements.

These are just some of the things you have to consider before changing university after your freshman year. Make sure to assess your motivations and won’t regret your decision in the future. At the end, if transferring to another university or shifting to a better major can make you happier, then go for it.

If you are happier, there is a better chance that you will enjoy studying and getting involved in other curricular activities. Your college experience must be enjoyable and memorable. It can probably even make you more successful when you graduate.

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