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WritingUniverse Review: Get Valuable Insights of the Company

Recently, there has been a surge of interest in us writing WritingUniverse review, so we decided to focus on this company and find out as much as we can about it. The date of its creation is unclear, but its site looks modern and it’s adorably quirky. So far, we haven’t seen aliens as a logo of an academic writing agency, so it was a funny surprise. First and foremost, WritingUniverse positions itself as a firm that offers samples to students. There are more than 100K of them. It also offers writing services on demand, working on numerous kinds of essays in different categories. But how effective are its writers? We’re going to find out.

At the Start of Writing Universe Review, We Check Services

WritingUniverse offers ten kinds of essay services, all of them focused on writing. Its diversity is impressive, so in our opinion, this is its major strength. Here’s what you could order.

  • Standard essay writing. Clients could pick between 18 types of essays and have them written from scratch.
  • Rewriting. If students wrote an essay but aren’t pleased with it, they could ask experts to rewrite it.
  • Math/Statistics problem solving. Math and other technical tasks are covered by WritingUniverse.
  • Proofreading. If language isn’t your strong point, this firm will polish your paper, removing all typos and other superficial language inaccuracies.
  • Editing. In case an essay needs to be reworked, there is an editing option.
  • Copywriting. This service is for those interested in SEO nuances.
  • Admissions. Students planning on entering college or uni should write admission essays. This service is for them.
  • Dissertations. In turn, those who graduate need help with research and dissertation.
  • CV. People looking to apply for a job will find a resume writing service here.
  • Multiple choice tasks. WritingUniverse does tasks where you have to pick between several options.

We asked for application essay done on a college level for our sample order. But paid help of professional writers isn’t the only product this company offers. This is going to be the next thing we’ll be discussing.

Samples Are Our Reviewers’ Next Stop

Many students might not know it, but good companies tend to offer samples on their websites. It means essays on different topics with various length and level that you could use for inspiration and education. This is done to attract more visitors and prove that a company is primarily focused on meeting students’ needs. As some reviews, people appreciate this approach. But what quality do these samples have? Are they good or were they collected randomly without even being checked? This could make or break firm’s reputation, so we paid specific attention to it.

Like we mentioned before, WritingUniverse is focused on samples to a big degree. It’s the first category among the site’s options, so finding it is very easy.  


Those of us working on review were happy to see all samples are free. More than that, you won’t have to spend time on creating an account or sharing any personal data. If you want to read a specific sample, just click on it and you’ll access it in seconds.

Range of categories

WritingUniverse boasts of having samples in 5K categories. It goes against the fact that there are only 30 of them actually listed, so it’s likely that the company counted combinations of categories, too, to reach this incredible number. In any case, we were satisfied with the range because it’s still large enough.  


We did several random tests to check how original the company’s samples are. Most were pretty unique. But keep in mind that we couldn’t test all 100K of samples and that every person is free to offer their paper for inclusion. So, if you use them and try to pass them as your work, you might get into trouble.   


Our review of WritingUniverse is going to include two examples of samples. We chose them randomly to test their quality and share our findings with you.

Example 1

Category: Art

Topic: Post-Impressionism Discussion   

Words: 618


Assessment: This sample’s quality is ambiguous. On the one hand, it addresses the topic properly by introducing great ideas, linking points, and insights. On the other hand, there are some medium-level grammar issues and failure to cite facts correctly.  

Example 2

Category: Government, Philosophy, Sociology

Topic: The Social Contract Theory in Ethics 

Words: 848


Assessment: This turned out to be not an essay but a question-answer format assignment. As you can see from the bit of a sample, the text has some grammar and stylistic flaws. But it cites relevant claims and the depth of research is satisfying.   


As other Writing Universe reviews concluded, sample quality in this company is medium. These aren’t some perfect essays that could have got the highest grades, but they are informative and could be illuminating for students.

Time to Evaluate Writers and Quality of Their Work

Every customer wants hard proof for trusting a certain company. Our review team got objective results by placing an order and then examining its quality. We also studied the background of writers and HR practices uses. All its employees pass many tests that allow assessing their level of qualification. Only those with degrees and relevant experience make it through. Our writer was polite and communicative. They produced a good paper that followed our requirements: application essay was strong and passionate. The only problem was, it arrived late. We had to wait for 3 additional hours. This tarnished our opinion a bit.

What About Prices and Discounts?

Lots of reviews of WritingUniverse discuss prices. Customers want to know how much they’ll be paying and they like sharing their impression about it because for many of them, this is a major factor. As we found out, you’ll have to pay starting with $11.99 per one written page. It’s not a big price, so good news is, WritingUniverse’s service are fully affordable. There are a bunch of extra options you could buy, including plag report, summary, draft, etc. Everything is pointed out on a website — this is another good thing. As for discounts, according to an order form, they are present, but we didn’t find any mention of what they could include.  

Checking How Helpful a Company Is Overall

WritingUniverse is all about helping students. You can find multiple samples, descriptions of essay types, plagiarism guide, and other useful articles here. The blog of this agency is educational and you’ll definitely find it useful. There are no free apps like title generator that could be helpful, but even without them, the range of info is good.

The Remaining Points That Help Make a Decision

Upon approaching the end of our review of Writing Universe, we evaluated other considerations that could improve or decrease our opinion. Here are some key points.

  •  24/7 support. Operators work at all times.
  • Refunds. If your instructions aren’t met, this company will issue a refund.
  • Policies. Its policies are concise but clear. Read them and you’ll have no questions left.

A Few More Parting Words about WritingUniverse Reviews

After various stages of testing, we decided to give WritingUniverse 9.6 points out of 10. This is a good company that could handle your order. It has some flaws, but all in all, it provides a worthy service. If you aren’t decided and want to learn more, check it out yourself or look at our other reviews. We have enough of them to meet all students’ preferences!   




WritingUniverse Customers’ Reviews


Corina Bergmann

Reviewed WritingUniverse

Sometimes my orders have mistakes in them, but I always ask writers to revise. I never had any serious issues, so I recommend it.

0 helpful votes

Jason Dash

Reviewed WritingUniverse

WritingUniverse is a great company. My experience says that its writers can handle even the most difficult tasks with surprising speed.

0 helpful votes

Elena Taber

Reviewed WritingUniverse

They’ve been helping me with my assignments for over a year now. Prices justify the quality, so I’m satisfied.

0 helpful votes

Stephan Jeymeson

Reviewed WritingUniverse

WritingUniverse rescued me more than once! I love these guys — quick and effective, and they don’t overcharge.

0 helpful votes

WritingUniverse comments



Reviewed WritingUniverse

Interesting, thanks for the rec. Just visited their website and everything looks cool so far.



Reviewed WritingUniverse

Yep, good service. I used to have two favorite firms, but WritingUniverse asks for lower prices.

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