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Are Essay Writing Services Safe? Let's Take a Closer Look

  • Posted by Amanda
  • February 03, 2016
Are Essay Writing Services Safe? Let's Take a Closer Look

Toads and Princes

There is an old fairy tale about a princess who was looking for her prince charming and every day she would sit by a pond and speak with a talking toad. They got to know each other pretty well, and one day, she kissed that toad. Poof! He turned into a handsome prince. It seems that someone had cast a spell on him and that spell would only be broken if he were kissed by a princess. And, like all fairy tales, they lived “happily ever after.”

The princess was lucky. There was only one toad in that pond. She didn’t have to go around kissing a lot of toads to find her prince. Who knows? One of those toads could have been an evil monster disguised as a prince, and then she would have been in trouble.

Finding Legit Essay Writing Services Can Be Like Kissing a Lot of Toads

When students need essay writing help, and when they have an urgent need, they will often get online, search for “reliable essay writing service,” and find thousands of options. They pick one and take their chances. More often than not, they are disappointed. They get badly written or plagiarized essays, and they still don’t have an essay to turn in for the money they spent. After a few of these experiences or after hearing the “horror tales’ of other students who have been scammed, the student wonders, “Is there a legitimate essay writing service anywhere?” the answer is “yes,” but finding one requires some investigation.

Finding a Safe Essay Writing Service

First, let’s define the term “safe essay writing service.” Here is what you are looking for:

  • You want to see a professional website – the content is well-written, well-organized, and easy to understand
  • Buying essays online safely means that your privacy is protected at all costs. You need to see a privacy policy that protects your identity and that guarantees your identity will never be revealed to a third party.
  • You want a company that you can call on the telephone – a telephone that will be answered by a live person who can provide the answers to your questions.
  • Using essay writing service agencies with poorly written site text is unsafe. Why? Because it tells you that they are also using writers who are not fully skilled in English. If they such writers, one of them would have written the site content.
  • You need a guarantee of no plagiarism, backed up by the site providing you with a plagiarism report on the written product that has been created for you.
  • You need access to your writer. A legit writing service will allow you to hold conversations with your writer. Then you know someone really is writing your piece.
  • You need a guarantee that you can ask for revisions if you don’t like everything about the essay you have received.
  • If you are going to buy essays online safely, you should be able to “Google” the company name and not find negative stuff written about it.

So, Are Essay Writing Services Safe?

The answer to the question lies in how much due diligence you perform in finding out all that you can about a service before you lay out your money and get only junk in return. One way to investigate is to access a writing services review website, and read the reviews. This is the fastest and most reliable way to ensure that you do not kiss a lot of toads before you find a legitimate and safe service to us.

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