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Why Should You Become a Medical Assistant Now?

  • Posted by Amanda
  • March 25, 2016
Why Should You Become a Medical Assistant Now?

Kiss Your Old Job Good-bye - Say Hello to a Medical Assistant Career

You are sitting in front of your computer again, looking for a job. Instead of just looking for a job, why not try attending school and get a career as a medical assistant. You might say that, a check, is a check, is a check, but seriously if you go get just any ole’ job you will eventually quit from boredom, low wages, and you will be just plain sick of the same bull-shit on a different day. One career that is in demand, and pays substantially is medical assisting.


The U.S. Dept. of Labor reports that a career as a medical assistant is growing faster than most careers across the country, and this is due to demand and supply. You see, there are many openings for Medical assistants, but there are no bodies to fill these positions. Medical assistants are trained beyond compare and are highly esteemed in the medical field, and come out of training with administrative skills that cover a gamut of inner-office abilities. The first person seen when arriving at a Dr.’s office is his Medical Assistant.


As the field medical assistants grows, so does the esteem, and with higher esteem, comes higher benefits and paychecks for medical assistants.

As of this report, medical assistants earn on average over $28,000 a year, and some have reported, with experience over time, as making over $40,000 yearly.

Being a medical assistant is unmatched in the stability the career can offer, and as you gain more experience, you can use this knowledge to further your education to gain a higher position. Many medical assistants have gone on to become Doctors and Licensed Registered Nurses.

You will be able to help pay for your higher education with the salary that you can achieve with a career in medical assistance.

Medical Assistants Benefits Packages:

Depending on where and who you work for, many medical assistants are offered benefit packages that also cover family members. Everyone wants a career that can offer a good health plan, and includes dental and vision benefits. Many employers of medical assistants also offer great pensions and plans for retirement. One of the most sought after benefits that medical assistants use is their employers 401k, and many employers will help with furthering your education by helping with tuition. Hospitals usually offer the best packages for medical assistants.

People Helping People:

Are you a people person? Well one of the plusses of becoming a medical assistant is being able to help patients, many who are in some sort of pain and need a supportive person to help them through this sometimes harrowing time. This is the time in your life when you will become affiliated with people from all nationalities, the elderly, and children too. With this kind of experience, you will increase your value, over time, in leaps and bounds.

Never a Boring Moment:

The atmosphere of the hospital or clinic is a veritable hub-bub of activity for the medical assistant from the time the doors open until they close, and if you are fortunate enough to land a position in an emergency room, well, get your good shoes ready because you will be busy throughout your day. You are the oil that will keep these offices running smoothly. You are in high demand.

So now that you have a few reasons to find a medical assistant school, why not delete that last application to the burger joint and try for a career in medical assistance

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