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Even You Can Start an Online Writing Service – Everyone Else is Doing It – Why Not?

  • Posted by Amanda
  • January 27, 2016
Even You Can Start an Online Writing Service – Everyone Else is Doing It – Why Not?

What Is Top 10 Essay Websites

If you have been searching for an online writing service to help you with all of those assignments, you are in luck. There are thousands of them. So, just pick one of those essay websites that pops up on the first page and place your order. They’re all the same, right? Wrong – very wrong.

Just as the title of this post says, anyone can start an online writing service, whether they are qualified or not. They can just set up an essay website and begin to advertise. They can always find people who will write for them – just advertise on Craigslist and other places. Or even better – find databases of essays and papers and just use them to fill customers’ orders. And when the complaints start being posted all over the place, just change the name and start all over again.

How to Find the Top Essay Sites

Do not believe that just because essay sites are showing up on the first page of a Google search, they are necessarily the best. Sometimes it just means that they know how to “play the search engine optimization game” well and have managed to get themselves onto that first page. It doesn’t mean that they produce quality at all. If you really want quality, then you have to do some investigation.

One of the best ways to investigate writing services is to check out the reviews on websites that perform quality evaluations of writing services. The good sites have a standard set of criteria that they use to judge and then to come up with ratings that will give you the top 10 essay sites.

If you plan to use a website review service, then look carefully at the criteria they use to evaluate writing services. Here is what should be used:

  1. They should have reviewed every page of the writing service website and checked out what they offer, their prices, and the samples of writings they have published.
  2. They need to be certain that the content on the site itself is written in good English. This is one of the biggest clues about the quality of writing they will give their customers
  3. There should be a way to speak with representatives of the service and always a way to talk directly with the writer who is filling the customer’s order
  4. They should check out what customers have to say – not just the testimonials on the site, because those can be written by anyone. They need to have checked all over the web to see what other customers have to say about the quality of products and services.
  5. They should have ordered a piece of writing and evaluated it.

Only if a review service has done these things is it capable of identifying the top 10 essay sites that students should use. So find that good writing service review website and check out their recommendations. You’ll then have a writing service you can trust to deliver for you.

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