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Free Online Paraphrasing Tool: Will it Work?

  • Posted by Amanda
  • August 04, 2017
Free Online Paraphrasing Tool: Will it Work?


Many students are eager to find ways to make the writing process easier. One thing you may be tempted to try is a free paraphrasing tool. If you Google a free online phrasing machine, you will be able to find several. You may also find a paraphrasing tool free online by searching for article spinners or content spinners. Here we will discuss how a paraphrasing tool generator works. We’ll also cover whether using one is a good idea.

Paraphrasing Software Free Online: How it Works

The purpose of using a paraphrasing tool online for free is to take an original article, story, essay, etc., and use the rephrase paragraph generator online to ‘spin’ it. Spinning is taking words from the article and replacing them with synonyms. Ideally, once you have used the 

free sentence rephrasing tool online, you end up with something that will come off as an original article.

Students use these tools in an attempt to pass off work that is not theirs as something they have written themselves. People who offer a free paraphrase generator online will often claim their tool can create a spun article or paper that will pass a plagiarism scan.

Using Paraphrasing Tools Online For Free: Always a Bad Idea

We did some testing and there was no one online free paraphrasing tool that was able to create an acceptable article. Every time we tried to rephrase a paragraph online for free or rephrase a sentence online, we received an absolute disaster. The spun articles had nonsensical words and phrases, misused words, and issues with tense, spelling, and grammar. The most accurate word we can use to describe this is gibberish.

For this reason alone, we strongly recommend against using any free online paraphrasing program. Even if you are successfully able to get the paper to pass a Turnitin scan or trick some other plagiarism detection software, you can still expect a failing grade. We did not generate a single paper that was even close to being worthy of a D let alone earning a good grade. A free sentence paraphrasing tool online doesn’t offer any savings if you have to go back, and rewrite everything.

Using a Free Sentence Paraphrase Tool Online: Not as Original as You Think

Of course, the real question is, would a tool like this make it past Turnitin or another plagiarism detector? We took the same article and ran it through 5 different content paraphrasing tools. Then, we submitted the spun content to Turnitin and another free, online plagiarism scanner.

Each article was flagged for having a significant amount of duplicate content. These tools do not know how to trick a plagiarism scanner. While we cannot say what each professor would say, we strongly believe most would conclude that the work was completely plagiarized and penalize the student. This may be because a rephrase sentence online generator simply doesn’t change enough, or the tool pulls in too many phrases from other content, thereby creating a high plagiarism score.

Alternatives to Using a Paraphrasing Tool

Don’t bother searching for a ‘paraphrasing tool online free’. It isn’t worth the low quality, or the risk you take. Instead, consider taking the time to do a complete rewrite of the written work yourself. You can also contact an online service provider to help you rephrase content without losing any quality.

Do Writing Services Use These Utilities?

It isn’t just students searching for paraphrasing tools online for free. Sadly, some writing providers use these tools to generate essays, research papers, and other documents. Many go as far as using these content spinners to write their own web content.

Here is a tip. If you visit any academic writing provider or any business for that matter, read their website content. If the phrasing is strange, and things don’t make much sense, it could be that they used a rephrasing tool. That could mean the site is a scam, or that they simply don’t have the money or staff to write appropriate website text.

You Can Give it a Try!

If you are simply curious, go ahead and rephrase a paragraph online free. Once you’ve done that, read the new paragraph carefully. Does it make sense? Does it retain the same meaning? Is it something that you would be proud to present as your own writing? Chances are, your answer will be no on all counts. You may be surprised at how silly some paraphrased text reads. In one case we used a text that contained the phrase ‘hedge fund’. That’s a financial term.

Well, that’s not how the tool ‘translated’ things. Instead, it looked at both words individually. The hedge was changed to ‘shrub’, and a fund was transformed into, ‘endowment’. Now, imagine turning in a finance paper that uses the term ‘shrub endowment’.

Conclusion: Don’t be Fooled

These content spinners were never created for students to use for academic writing. Instead, they were created for online marketers who want to take web content and articles, spin them and then post them on their own websites and blogs. Even in those cases, a free online paraphrasing machine often does a very poor job.

In many cases, these are translated into foreign languages as well. The people using these tools don’t particularly care if the resulting articles or content is readable. They simply want the content to place on the internet and draw people to their websites. If you are unable to complete a writing assignment, please consider getting help rather than using one of these unreliable tools.

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