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NB! Your Health is Far More Important than Your Grades

  • Posted by Amanda
  • April 23, 2016
NB! Your Health is Far More Important than Your Grades

As you are young, and you spend almost all of your day at school or completing your academic tasks, you may believe that there is nothing more important than your grades. In fact, your entire life has gravitated towards your grades and academic journey. But the truth is that there are much more valuable things, such as your health.

  • Don’t get stuck in the present – think of the future as well

Many scholars, students or even new-entry employers believe that putting too much pressure on themselves now assures them a bright future. No one denies the importance of hard work, but you have to know that sometimes this is not enough. And how can you enjoy your successful career if you don’t have a good health? Even though you may become a brilliant student or employee, both you and your supervisor or instructor will have to suffer because of your medical condition, as you won’t be able to make use of your skills and put into practice all the knowledge you have gained during the years.

Moreover, you can gather information, learn new things, get accustomed to numerous new tasks during your entire life, but you can hardly “repair” your health. Keep in mind that doctors always advise taking care of your condition first, and then worry about your grades or job. If you use to spend almost all your nights learning or working, you will suffer from sleep deprivation. All the hours during which your body should have been resting are never coming back, no matter how hard you try. Lack of sleep can also have a dramatic effect on your grades or career as your abilities have to suffer. For example, even though spending the entire night learning for an exam may seem like a good idea in the evening, in the morning, you will find out that you can barely focus and have already forgotten most of the information you have learned.

  • Good health can improve your academic results

An unhealthy lifestyle can affect your grades or your career, so it is needless to say that a strong health also has an impact on your academic and professional results. If you have a good condition, your brain will be able to function at its maximum capacity. You will learn things easier and quicker, and you will stay focused for a longer time. Don’t you think that some professional essay writing service help will influence your academic writing results?

Generally, even professors advise their students to get enough rest and take care of their health, as these factors are crucial for their academic progress, too. If you always feel exhausted or sick, how is it possible to take full advantage of your educational experience or do your job properly? As your body fails, your mind will no longer focus on your task, and you may end up skipping necessary steps or completing a task in an improper manner. This way, both your grades and your health will be affected. By taking care of your condition, you can improve your capacities and boost your energy, which will also lead to higher grades.





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