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Push-Ups are Hard Enough – Don’t Make Life Harder by Writing Your Own Resume Too

  • Posted by Amanda
  • February 17, 2016
Push-Ups are Hard Enough – Don’t Make Life Harder by Writing Your Own Resume Too

Everyone loves a good resume. Well, that’s not quite true. The people who love good resumes are the job candidates and the recruiters and employment managers who read them. And here is a question for you – how many resumes have you written in your life so far? If you answer falls in the range of 0 – 4, then you are not a resume writing expert.

Why You Should Not Be Writing your Own Resume

If a pipe breaks in your wall, chances are you are not going to be fixing it yourself. Chances are, you are going to call a plumber. For some reason, though, when it comes to writing a resume, people think they can just get online, find a free resume template and create one that a recruiter or hiring manager is just going to fall in love with. If you are really serious about a job search, then you need to be serious enough to look at resume writing services that have the pros who have written literally hundreds of these already. They know how to write that resume that will have decision-makers wanting to talk to you.

Here’s How You Find Top Rated Resume Writing Services

If you start out by Googling “resume writing services, you will get approximately 33,500,000 results – and this is not a joke. Try it yourself right now. That is Google’s own approximation of how many there are. How, then, can you weed out the bad, mediocre and sort of good ones and get to, let’s say, the top 10 resume writing services? You can’t – not by yourself. So, you need to find those people who have done this work for you. And there are websites available to you that have evaluated and assessed the successes and the quality of products or resume writing writer and have identified the top resume writing services. Hooking into a good resume writing review website will give you the information you need – very detailed information – about current popular resume services.

What You Want to Look For When You Read Top Resume Writing Services Reviews

When HR and recruiting professionals get together and evaluate resume writing companies, here are the things they look for:

  • Are there designers as well as writers involved in resume creation?
  • Are the newest tools and technologies being used?
  • Does the service provide customized resumes that are targeted to the organizations to which an applicant intends to apply?
  • Are the resume writers willing to research the organizations to which applicants are applying, so that the applicant’s background and experience that relates to those organizations is highlighted?
  • Are they crafting customized cover letters for each resume?

When resume writing review professionals focus on these criteria, they are able to determine the best rated resume writing services and then recommend those to their readers.

You can have a great resume – several in fact. What you have to do is review the information that is out there, find a top resume writing service, and choose your resume writers with confidence.

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