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The Most Boring Article about Proofreading You’ll Ever Read

  • Posted by Amanda
  • February 10, 2016
The Most Boring Article about Proofreading You’ll Ever Read

Proofreading is such an exciting activity, it’s really hard to write an article that is boring, but this one will probably pass the test. Think about all of the really great things you get to do when you have the chance to proofread something you have written. Why, it’s just so motivational.

  • You get to read every single sentence, one by one, and look for many things – sort of like a private investigator
  • You get to check out subject-verb agreement and consistency of verb tenses
  • You get to look for fragments and run-ons
  • You get to look for pronoun-antecedent agreement (even if you can’t remember what that means)
  • You get to re-check spelling
  • You get to look for all of those punctuation issues

What could be more fun? Maybe a root canal?

If You Have Other Less Exciting Things to Do, Maybe You Could Get Some Proofreading Help

Maybe you need to go to that pesky party that your friends are having; perhaps you have to go to work; maybe you need to get a few hours of sleep tonight because you have an exam tomorrow; and maybe you just lack the skills for proofreading, as exciting as they might be to develop. When you are faced with an essay or paper that needs proofreading, there is proofreading website help from a large number of online writing services. They have professional editors who are English experts – people who can find every tiny error and correct it.

How Do You Find Experts For these Exciting Tasks?

You will not find a specific proofreading website. What you will find are thousands of writing services that offer editing, re-writing, and proofreading as a part of their services. So, the task becomes one of finding a service that is reliable, reputable, and professional – a service that has stood the scrutiny of evaluation and assessment by third-party, non-related individuals. For this reason, you will not be looking for a proofreading site. You will be looking instead for a site that provides objective reviews of online writing services. When you find such a site, you can then get the information you need to make a good decision about who should do your proofreading and, if the occasion should arise, to provide other products and services you might need in the future.

Having a truly excellent writing service on call for any need is a big “security blanket” for a student. Today, you may need proofreading; next week, you may need some help with essays and papers because you are too overloaded; and, when exam time comes, there may be other written assignments that you just can’t get to. For all of these, you don’t want just proofreading sites, you want full writing services. And reputable writing services know this. They all feature a full range of products and services so that they can serve any student need at any time.

Get Your Security Blanket

Find your best writing service today. Read those reviews and get one “on call.”

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