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Our most recent website review is all about This is an academic writing service focused on serving students in Australia. Let’s start by reviewing what we did before we were ready to sit down and compose today’s AustralianEssay review. The first thing we did was hit up Google for some info. We wanted to check out Australian Essay reviews. After all, what better way to find out what other people think. Each review gave us some great insights. We also compared AustralianEssay prices with other writing services’ as well.

Even more importantly, we took a look around their website, and ordered an essay. The following is what we were able to find out.

Products and Services You’ll find

This is a completely academic writing service. In fact, what we found was that in order to get an actual list of services, you have to begin the order process. We didn’t care for that as we felt it was an attempt to rope people into giving up personal information in order to get information.

Basically, you will find essays, research papers, thesis and dissertation work along with other academic writing services. There is nothing interesting here. Although it is worth  noting that the services offered are clearly dedicated to a UK and Australian audience (more on that later).

australian essay services

The Real Proof - Writer Experience and Quality of Products

As we read AustralianEssay reviews, there was a lot of negativity regarding writing quality. We were also concerned because the writing on the website was in such broken English. In spite of the negative Australian Essay testimonials, we went ahead and placed an order for a four page biology essay.

Unfortunately each negative rating was accurate. This website may or may not be based in Australia, but the writers are certainly not native to Australia or other English speaking countries. Our essay was poorly written, structured, and formatted. We were quite disappointed.

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

This is where we were a bit frustrated. Okay, we were more than a bit frustrated. When we placed an order, we were asked to select our country. We selected the United States from a long list. In spite of this, all prices and price estimates were in Australian dollars. Obviously, we would have like to have seen prices in USD and been able to translate discounts into U.S. dollars as well. But, that’s not the only reason we were bothered. This is simply sloppy and indicative of a hastily thrown together website. That definitely raises red flags about scams.

When we placed the order, we were prompted to enter an AustralianEssay coupon code. However, when we took the option to retrieve the code, we were told that there wasn’t one. Color us once again confused and irritated.

We did see an advertised Australian Essay discount, however there did not appear to be a page describing Australian Essay promo codes.

australian essay prices

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

When we ran into the problem with prices, we tried to start an online chat session with a customer service representative. After several minutes, we were informed that none were available. We also tried to call the phone number on the contact page. Unfortunately, it just rang and rang and rang. So, we decided to Google the number (512-333-4344). Lo and behold! It’s a phone number that is associated with scam writing sites everywhere! The area code tells us that this number originates in Austin, TX, but we suspect it’s a spoofed number. According to the BBB one of the companies using this number has a BBB rating of F.

The Good the Bad, the Beautiful, the Ugly

It’s all bad and ugly. Just avoid this one at all costs. If these folks have ripped you off before, please report them. Remember that they operate under multiple names, not just Australian Essay.

AustralianEssays Review

Australian Essay Customers’ Reviews

Reviewed Australian Essay

I like when people know what they are doing. Australian Essay seems like a freshman during inauguration. They don’t even know the standards of papers they are completing. What kind of any further collaboration can we talk about?

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Reviewed Australian Essay

Don't trust Australian Essay with urgent orders. Their writers aren't able to meet the deadlines at all.

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