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Welcome to our review of We are reviewing this service to inform students and others about the quality of services offered here. We have conducted several hours of research, and purchased services. We also read online reviews, explored the company website, and engaged with onsite customer service. This review is intended to cover online tutoring services only. The remainder of this writeup describes what we encountered.

Products and Services You Will Find

This tutoring service provides online and in-person tutoring in a variety of services for all grade levels. However, the tutors available can be limited at times. They do not offer any form of writing or editing services here. The remainder of this review relies largely on our experiences and research.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience and Quality of Products

Several ClubZTutoring reviews mentioned having issues finding an online tutor in the right subject matter. We encountered the same issue. We had to change our zip code, and academic subject matter several times. Finally, we found a Geometry tutor who was willing to work with us online. We communicated with them, told them what we were looking for, and we arranged a tutoring session.

The primary issue that we had was with the length of time the tutor seemed to take. It really appeared as if they were stretching things out. They even suggested pushing into the second hour of tutoring. This would have, of course, doubled the price we were paying. 

We can say that our tutor appeared to know the topic. However, they did not have the level of expertise that we were told they did. Not a huge issue, but disappointing given what we paid for these services.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

The tutors that were available to us charged around 55 dollars per hour. ClubZTutoring prices are a bit on the high side. We could easily find a tutor for much less than that using local or on-campus tutoring sources. These were for online tutoring services. We did not receive a Club Z Tutoring discount, even when we complained about the services we received. We searched online for Club Z Tutoring promo codes, but could not find any that were valid. At these prices, a ClubZTutoring coupon code would have been helpful. However, it wouldn’t have made up for some of the other issues we encountered.

The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

Our final rating is below average. There were some Club Z Tutoring testimonials that were positive, however, our experiences were mostly negative. So were those of students who post Club Z Tutoring reviews online. Our issues lied mostly with the quality of tutoring services.  However, we thought that service was lacking, and that website navigation was just a bit clunky. For students who do decide to use this service, we encourage you to really research your tutor and be certain that they absolutely know what they are doing. Customers’ Reviews




the first paper I ordered was okay but this time the quality is much much worse
won't order by them again

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The tutor wasnt a good teacher
Our child often finished before the tutor!!! She obviously hadn't prepared the lesson before hand

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Viola P.


I had mostly unpleasant experience with this company. Both tutors I used to work with were not that experienced and frightened(?). They couldn`t answer a question if it wasn`t in the textbook and needed to discuss it with some colleagues (guess, they just hoped I`d forget about it:)). Not the kind of help you`d like to pay for.

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Disgusting service!!! My English tutor barely speaks English!!! He makes typos and grammer mistakes!!! How can he be a tutor??? I thought you ll find a person who can help me with my assignemnts. But this guy is not even a native speaker. Don’t trust them!

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Horrible service!!! They charge so much money but the quality is garbage. Seems like a high school student is doing all their orders.

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