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EssayShark Review by AllTopReviews is a writing service that has been around for about 9 years. It considers itself somewhat unique because it operates more as a clearinghouse for writers who sign up to bid on orders. Each writer has a profile, and once a customer places an order, it is sent out for bids. The writers then contact the customer with their profiles and bids. Once the customer selects a writer, the company takes its cut of the price the customer pays the writer. Our EssayShark review will follow the same criteria that we have established for all of our other writing service reviews, even though its business model is a bit different than most. The criteria are listed in the sub-headings below. We have used the following types of information to prepare this review:

  • Essay Shark testimonials found under each of the writers listed on the “Top Writers” page of the site.
  • Content on the site itself. 
  • Essay Shark reviews which have been found elsewhere online.
  • Results of a research paper which we obtained and was written by from one of the “Top Writers.”

You want to know if this is a reliable service. Keep reading to find out!

Products and Services You’ll Find

Essay Shark provides academic writing – at all levels of students from high school through Master’s and Doctoral programs. These include essays, papers, case studies, book reviews, coursework assignments, presentations, research proposals, and graduate-level theses and dissertations.

In checking the “Top Writers” page, we found that each writer advertises the subject fields in which he writes, although the academic level is not included in these profiles. It appears that, among the writers as a whole, all content fields are “covered.”

The Real Proof – Writer Experience and Quality of Products

We considered several factors in this area of review – on-site testimonials on individual writers’ profiles, an evaluation of the sample essays and papers that are published on the site, the feedback that customers have provided on social media and other online resources, and our own experience of going through the process from exploring the order process, to receiving bids, to evaluating writers, and ultimately receiving a final product. Here is what we can report:

  • On-site testimonials for the “top writers” were all very positive; however, we had no way of finding customer feedback on any of the other writers who freelance for this site.
  • Looking for EssayShark reviews found on other web sources, we did find some unhappy customers who complained about the quality of their products and the lack of responsiveness on the part of their writers. Several did state that they had access to their writers via direct email and felt that was beneficial
  • We reviewed some of the sample writings published on the site. There was a wide variety of quality. One research paper on the computer as mankind’s greatest invention had a great deal of factual information about the history of the computer. It was of concern that there were not in-text citations at all – only a bibliography at the end. A few other samples reflected very “elementary” language styles and resources that were as old as 9-10 years ago.
  • We obtained a research paper in history at the undergraduate level. We received many bids within an hour and finally selected one person. We requested more information about his background and degrees. It was very sketchy and ultimately we were informed that he did not have a degree in history. We placed a second order for bids insisting upon a writer with a Master’s in history. We received our paper on time. It conformed to our instructions but was written in a language style fit for high school work, and the resources were all secondary.


content essayshark top writers

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

EssayShark Prices are not standardized, because each writer is allowed to place his/her own bid. Because of this, there are no discounts provided anywhere on the site. When asked if the company even provided Essay Shark discounts or any other type of incentives, such as Essay Shark promo codes, or EssayShark promo codes that customers could use to lower prices, we were told that prices were totally a factor of writer and customer negotiation.

Payment methods are secured by an SSL processor, so they are secure. When a customer places an order and accepts the bid of a writer, a company service fee is added to that price and the customer is asked to make payment at that time. The payment is released to the writer when the product is completed and delivered. We searched and did not find evidence of any legal issues regarding payments. As always, you can use PayPal to be safe if you want to avoid sharing your account information.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

The answer to these questions is simple. The customer support department is not involved in the questions or issues that may arise in the production process. Those are to be handled between writer and customer as they communicate. There are representatives available to answer questions about the process and to assist with any technical difficulties in navigating the website. They are available by messaging only.

Orders are placed by providing an email address and then the details of the order. Once submitted, the bidding process begins.

There is good news if you want to find out more about the policies of this service. We reviewed their policies on cookies, data privacy, and terms of use. These were detailed, yet easy to understand. The company is GDPR compliant. Customers may have their data deleted, or inquire as to the exact contents of their customer data. The cookie policy is equally clear.

The Good the Bad, the Beautiful, the Ugly

For students who are confident that they can assess writer skills and negotiate well, this writing service may work. However, writing quality appears to vary widely, as do the prices. Rather concerning “minuses” are the lack of quality control on the part of some central administrative staff and the elementary nature of the writing that is produced. Overall, we are providing a rating of “Fair.” We encourage you to read the reviews of our trusted sites before making a final choice.

Essay Shark Customers’ Reviews



Reviewed Essay Shark

Purchased a paper, that was less than par. I refuse to release the balance to the writer and essay shark refuses to give a refund. Writer had 6 hours to complete my paper, sent back something that looked like a 10 year old wrote it. Money back guarantee is BS and so is this company, save your money, either way you get a failing grade.

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Reviewed Essay Shark

I've used Essay Shark twice and I've been disappointed with the results both times.
The first time I got a paper that wasn't about the topic I'd asked for. Apparently, I hadn't highlighted a part of the instructions I gave them beforehand so it was my fault. There's a box for instructions, I thought writing the instructions in there would suffice, but nope.
Because of their pay to view progress system, I paid for about half of the paper, and then mentioned that the writer had gotten it wrong. I offered some guidance as to what I was looking for and the writer said he/she would make the changes.
I paid for the rest of the essay, found that the changes had been made. I messaged the writer, got no response. Then I got a message from the customer support department telling me I shouldn't make changes to my essay request mid-way through. Apparently, my guidance had been taken as me changing my requirements. So I was left with a paper I didn't want and no refund. And to make matters worse, my negative review was removed because it was "unfair for the writer!!!".
The second time I used them, I was in a bind and had another site cancel on me last minute. I was given a paper that was about the topic it should have been but it was so poorly written. Really poor English, poor structure in the essay and a pretty boring essay.
So yeah, stay away, they really suck.

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Kyle H.

Reviewed Essay Shark

had this site write a Research paper. information was factually incorrect. also conclusion was one line...beware!

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Reviewed Essay Shark

- you get to directly choose the writers
- direct communication with the writer
- staggered payment which ensures you only pay if you are satisfied

- lousy writers (i have tried thrice, thinking that perhaps the first 2 were just due to poor selection of writer)

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Reviewed Essay Shark

I am the lucky one who got the order on time. It was well-written and my professor liked it. So no complaints about quality from my end. But the support service could have been better. The manager I communicated with seemed to be completely indifferent and didn`t answer my questions for hours. Prices are a bit too high as well.

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Essay Shark comments



Reviewed Essay Shark

They don't value your time as they say they do. My book review was two hours late and I didn't get even an apology.



Reviewed Essay Shark

Don’t trust! I’ve ordered two essays. With both of them they failed to meet my deadlines and both of the essays needed revision. And they asked me for additional payment for those revisions because those were some “exceptional” cases and the site states that all the revisions are free.



Reviewed Essay Shark

They promise zero-plagiarism. The last essay I ordered from them…My professor said that it has 75% of plagiarism! My education is over! And I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only victim here!

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