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Tutoring services, both on-site and online, have exploded in recent years. And we have learned that many users of our site are looking for more than just writing services. They are looking for real-time help with tough assignments, with preparation for undergrad and grad school entrance exams, and for help just getting through tough courses in which they are struggling.

Because of this increased interest in and use of tutoring services, we have expanded our reviews to include these companies too. has been on our radar for a bit, due to our user comments and requests for a formal review. And so, we are now getting around to it.

We have to look at tutoring services a bit differently. Basically, we study all of the content on the website, look at tutor profiles and how they are “employed” by Hey Tutor, and what customers have to say. We also look at pricing, methods of tutoring and communication between students and tutors, policies, customer support, contact information, and the role the company plays that promote trusted and reliable service to customers.

So, what about HeyTutor? Is HeyTutor legit? What follows is all that we have reviewed.

Products and Services You Will Find

Hey Tutor is a California-based company primarily serving students in the U.S. at all levels of study, Pre-K through college and grad school levels.

If you count tutors as “products,” then you will certainly find them here. The services, of course, involve tutoring and homework help.

In-home tutors are found by entering the subject, choice of gender if desired, and your zip code, into the request form. You will then receive a list of suitable tutors within 15 miles of your residence. They can come to you or you can choose to meet them at a library, coffee shop, etc.

There are also online tutoring services available for students who do not live in geographic proximity to tutors, and it is promoted as on-demand online tutoring 24 hours a day.

For parents who home-school their children, there is a full range of course tutoring services in all content fields, and at all academic levels.

It is the student’s and parent’s responsibility to connect with potential tutors and have discussions before making a final selection of one that is the best match.

The Real Proof – Quality of Tutors and Quality of Services

When we look at quality, we have to look at three factors:

  • Academic background and credentials of registered tutors
  • HeyTutor reviews and comments by actual customers
  • The quality of customer service

In the case of Hey Tutor, here is what we found:

  • Customer feedback is mixed and is certainly based upon customer experiences with individual tutors. Some customers have been highly satisfied; others, not so much. There are also some HeyTutor Glassdoor reviews from people who worked for the company. Again, the reviews here are mixed too. Some have no complaints about working for HeyTutor, while others don’t recommend the employer.
  • Quality of tutoring is pretty much the responsibility of the customer, for he must interview potential tutors and make a final selection. If he is not careful, he can have a bad experience. The company does offer a refund of the first tutoring session if a customer is not satisfied, but only that first session. Any additional sessions are non-refundable. The problem that some customers related to us is that it may take a few sessions before deciding that there is not a match. And then, in addition to having lost some money, they must go through the whole ordering and interviewing process again.
  • Our own communications with customer service were okay. We asked many detailed questions, but, in most instances, we were told to fill out the request form and contact the tutors directly.

Now the Money – prices, discounts, payment methods

How does the HeyTutor pricing work? HeyTutor prices vary widely. On the request form, customers are asked to identify the price range they are willing to tolerate before a list of tutors is provided. The final price is negotiated between student and tutor.

Once the final price is determined, the customer places an amount on account with the company. When the number of hours paid for has been used, the company then releases payment to the tutor, taking its cut. And if the student needs more tutoring, additional amounts must be placed on the account.

This business model does not provide for any discounts, and customers will pay whatever is determined with the tutor. Those who are skilled negotiators may be able to get the price lowered, but those who are not will be pretty much at the mercy of what the bids are. Students are also cautioned not to just take the cheapest price. Take the time to interview the candidates carefully, because the cheapest may not be the best.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you will have to pay at least 10 hours upfront, so you need to make sure you have the money ready for that. If you only need several lessons, then this is probably not the service you should settle for. Since the price depends on each particular tutor, it would be hard to know the minimum price beforehand.

The company accepts all major bank cards and PayPal, and payment methods are safe and secured – no worries here.

The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful, and the Ugly

First, the Bad and Ugly:

  • The problem with tutoring services like Hey Tutor is that satisfaction is really based upon the tutor that a customer selects. As we well know, tutoring is far more personal than simply ordering a piece of writing from a writing service. This involves communication and good relationships between students and tutors. When all of the responsibility is placed upon the parent or student to make a selection, the potential for a mistake is much greater. With, the company really plays a passive role in this whole process.
  • Policies, while in place, are not as detailed as we would like to see. For example, when a student deactivates his account, what happens to his personal information? Is it still held by the company?
  • There are multiple ways to contact customer service, but the standard answers to problems seem to be to contact the tutor and take it up with them. There is also no live chat option, which is disappointing to see, as it would’ve been a great way to get the support you need faster. With the available ways of contact, you can only wait until you get an answer.
  • The service is area-based, meaning it will look for tutors in your location. So, depending on where you live, there may not be amazing tutors in your area, which means you will not have access to the site’s services.
  • There isn’t any payment information, as the price is decided upon when talking to the writer. Even when negotiating, it is not always guaranteed that you will get a lower price for the services, so you may end up having to pay a higher price.

Now the Good and the Beautiful:

  • There is value in seeking tutoring help when you are struggling. And, if you find the right match in a tutor, you will get what you need and be much more successful in your course.
  • According to the website, they perform background checks before hiring someone. This means they make sure they only hire people who know what they’re doing and could do an amazing job when it comes to helping customers. Even though the reviews on Glassdoor are mixed, the majority are positive ones.
  • There is a large list of tutors in all subject fields, and students will have the choice between direct physical tutoring and online tutoring – this provides greater flexibility for customers.

Overall, we find both pros and cons with Hey Tutor. We do wish the company was more directly involved in the tutor selection process. Luckily, they at least perform some background checks before they hire someone. We are providing a rating of 3.5 on our 1-5-point scale. 

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Reviewed HeyTutor

We signed up for a package of tutoring hours and heytutor did not deliver any tutors. When asked for a refund they refused. Do NOT get scammed by this shady company.

0 helpful votes


Reviewed HeyTutor

I was offered video tutoring instead of a one on one tutor as requested and paid for therefore for my daughter. I asked for a refund. Still waiting for my refund. This is not a good company to do business with.

0 helpful votes


Reviewed HeyTutor

All they do is string you along with empty promises. Cannot recommend them at all.

0 helpful votes


Reviewed HeyTutor

I was so close to signing up for their services but I got a really bad feeling from the girl I spoke with today and decided to further search reviews on this company; so glad I did. They said I had to pay first before they would be able to tell me if they could even find an in-person tutor that would be able to work with my availability and location. I proceeded to ask questions regarding their refund policy if they could not find a tutor that was able to connect and the lady got really agitated with me and at that moment I knew this was not the company for me.

0 helpful votes


Reviewed HeyTutor

Yikes. False advertisement all the way. This is a middle man company so you’re paying them as well as the tutor. This also means that they’re finding your tutor for you... if they can find one. They want money up front and then cannot deliver on IN PERSON tutoring and try to give you online tutoring. Next I asked on the sixth phone call they’d given me in two day to take my number off their list that I wasn’t interested anymore and the calls continued as well as text messages. The person on the phone wasn’t pleasant either. Also, on their site it advertised having tutors in my area using pictures and names of people. I looked everyone up and none were tutors for what I was looking for. Terrible company. I don’t understand how they’re still standing. Just use thumbtack for in-person or online or udemy for online.

1 helpful votes

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