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In the interests of providing as much information and academic help to students, we have added reviews of tutoring services. Students don’t always just struggle with research and writing, and we get it. This review is written, so that high school and college students can have information as they look for academic help in the form of tutoring. It is based on the same factors we use for all of our summaries – a full study of the website content (including processes, procedures, policies, and tutor quality), Hey Tutor testimonials published on-site, pricing, any Hey Tutor discount plans, HeyTutor reviews we found elsewhere online, and our own experience with customer service.

This summarizes our HeyTutor review.

Products and Services You Will Find

Hey Tutor is a California-based company primarily serving students in the U.S.

If you count tutors as “products,” then you will certainly find them here. The services, of course, involve tutoring and homework help in all subjects, high school through college.

In-home tutors are found by entering the subject, choice of gender if desired, and your zip code, into the request form. You will then receive a list of suitable tutors within 15 miles of your residence. They can come to you or you can choose to meet them at a library, coffee shop, etc.

There are also online tutoring services available for students who do not live in geographic proximity to tutors, and it is promoted as on-demand online tutoring 24 hours a day.

It is your responsibility to connect with potential tutors and have discussions before making a final selection.

The Real Proof – Quality of Tutors and Quality of Services

When we look at quality, we have to look at three factors:

  • Academic background and credentials of registered tutors

  • Hey Tutor reviews and comments by actual customers

  • The quality of customer service

In the case of Hey Tutor, here is what we found:

  • Customer feedback is mixed and is certainly based upon customer experiences with individual tutors. Some customers have been highly satisfied; others, not so much

  • Quality of tutoring is pretty much the responsibility of the customer, for he must interview potential tutors and make a final selection. If he is not careful, he can have a bad experience

  • Our own communications with customer service were okay. We asked many detailed questions, but, in most instances, we were told to fill out the request form and contact the tutors directly.

Now the Money – prices, discounts, payment methods

HeyTutor prices vary widely. On the request form, customers are asked to identify the price range they are willing to tolerate before a list of tutors is provided. The final price is negotiated between student and tutor.

Once the final price is determined, the customer places an amount on account with the company. When the number of hours paid for has been used, the company then releases payment to the tutor, taking its cut.

This business model does not provide for any discounts, and customers will not find any Hey Tutor promo codes for new customers, nor a Heytutor coupon code for any discount, based upon repeat business. The prices are whatever the student and tutor agree upon.

The company accepts all major bank cards and PayPal, and payment methods are secure – no worries there.

The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful, and the Ugly

The problem with tutoring services like Hey tutor is the following: there are a large number of tutors who register with the company, and quality control is not the best. The company makes its money by a cut of the charges to the customer and relies on the tutor and the customer to work out their relationship and sessions. Without serious quality control, things can go very badly for the customer. For this reason, we are giving a rating of “Fair.”

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