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The following is our review of As always, in order to write this kingessays review, we have taken several steps in order to ensure that we have done our due diligence. We placed an order for a five page essay. This is for the purpose of gauging writing quality and customer service. We also read King Essays reviews written by others. Another very important part of our KingEssay review process is to research the company and their claims thoroughly.

In the interest of full disclosure, we discovered a few things that were not quite on the up and up. These include:

  • The company claims to be headquartered in London. However, their address in London is simply a rented mailbox.
  • It appears as if the company is actually in the Philippines.
  • Our review research also reveals that this company is part of a larger conglomerate that owns several essay services.
  • The majority of KingEssays reviews we read were negative.

Products And Services You’ll Find

This writing service offers academic writing, proofreading, and editing. These services include essays, research papers, capstone projects, book reports, term papers, and other similar product offerings. Our five page essay was a persuasive essay on the topic of clean energy. We did not order nor pay for any additional products or services.

It should be noted that this content provider does not offer writing services to business professionals or job seekers. While we don’t fault companies that choose to specialize, we do feel like this is important information to share.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

Sadly, our writer was wholly unqualified to even complete low level academic writing projects. When we received our English 101 assignment it was disorganized, missing citations, and full of structural and grammatical errors. This would have certainly been an F paper, maybe a D at best. Not something that is acceptable for a paid writing assignment. We believe that our writer was not a native English speaker.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

Kingessays prices are average. We paid 14 dollars per page for our college level paper. There are some discounts as well. While we did not find a King Essays discount page, there are King Essays promo codes advertised on the company website. We used a KingEssays coupon code in order to receive a 5% discount. That wasn’t much of a savings considering the poor writing and customer service.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

This content provider does offer online and telephone customer service. Their website is also fairly easy to  navigate. Unfortunately, there simply isn’t much information available. For example, their FAQ section is brief and largely incomplete.

The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

We decided to give this company a fair chance in spite of some misleading statements about their location and organization. Unfortunately, the initial dishonesty should  have been taken as indication that this company is not on the up and up. Because of this, our rating is poor. Don’t be fooled by glowing King Essays testimonials. Instead, check out one of the writing services that has earned our seal of approval.

King Essays Customers’ Reviews

Reviewed King Essays

I don't know what's king in the minds of the kingessays team but they didn't impress me at all. My order came later than expected and the quality wasn't good. All those furthermore and therefore read exhausting. Oh, and they won't answer their phone sometimes.

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Reviewed King Essays

Could have been better. They managed to deliver my order 3 days later than was promised and it still needed revision because of grammar mistakes and improper format. The price was quite affordable though.

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Reviewed King Essays

No proper structure, no format I asked for, no citations. I`d recommend avoiding this service if possible since they don`t know what academic writing is.

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Reviewed King Essays

They can literally provide you with nothing but troubles.

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Reviewed King Essays

They are true kings, but in the world of losers.
Where do we get the worst done paperwork? Correct! At
Who doesn`t know what a term deadline mean? KingEssays!
Who is the smartest service with the cheapest price? Definitely not a kingessays!

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