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This review is a part of our ongoing efforts to give students lots of information about writing, assignments, and tutoring services they may be considering. This company has been in business since 2015 and states that it is based in Australia but serves students who are in English-speaking schools and universities anywhere in the world. 

To complete this review, we used our normal factors – all of the company website content, information provided about writers, offered products and services, policies and processes for ordering and making payments, guarantees and other benefits, customer testimonials posted on the site, and feedback and comments from other customers we find on the web or that are submitted to us, samples and blog articles, and our experiences contacting customer service. 

The following summary is all that we have discovered about Myassignmentservices. 

Products and Services You Will Find

My Assignment Services has possibly the busiest and most annoying website we have ever seen. Stuff keeps sliding in and out; there are the same popups coming up on every page, and most of the text is completely repetitive, page, after page, after page. 

What we are able to understand is this: the company offers all types of assignment writing help – essays, papers, research, theses, dissertations, projects, presentations, reviews, case studies, admissions essays, editing and proofreading, and much more. As well, it provides help with exams and quizzes, and resumes/CVs.  While it is based in Australia, it states that it serves English-speaking students anywhere in the world.

The Real Proof – Writer Experience and Quality of Products

There is very little information about the educational background and experience of the writers. In a couple of places, it does state that it has some 5000 writers, all of whom have Ph.D.’s – this is pretty amazing, and pretty doubtful for a company that has been in business for only five years, serving student at all academic levels. We have to ask why a high school student would need a writer with a Ph.D.

To judge the quality of products, we reviewed several samples and a few blog posts. The samples were more along the lines of advertising the company than actual samples of essays or papers. The blog posts addressed very current topics, such as the current pandemic. Unfortunately, they were so poorly written it was hard to get through them. If they were indicative of the quality of products Myassignmentservices produces, we would be disappointed.

In fact, it appears that quality is pretty poor. Feedback and comments that customers have given on the web or submitted to us are negative for the most part. They complain about poor grammar, incorrect word usage, and, in some cases, no logical structure or flow. Many insist that foreigners have written their pieces, despite the website stating that only native English-speaking Ph.D. writers are used. Others complained about outdated resources.

To order a product, customers must enter their personal information and an explanation of the writing help they need. Then the company responds with a price, and the customer can either accept or reject the offer. We completed the form on two separate pages and were unable to get a response or a price. We finally gave up entirely. The site was obviously not working during the multiple times we tried to place an order. This tells us that the company is not reliable and cannot be trusted to follow through. My Assignment Services needs to fix this issue and, in fact, its entire website needs an overhaul and far fewer popups.

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

We wish we could provide specific Myassignmentservices prices, but we could never get our order to go through. In terms of discounts, however, they are popping up all over the website. One of My Assignment Services discounts offers the first 500 words free; another offers 25% off on first order. There did not seem to be a Myassignmentservices coupon code for any of these discounts, and we were not able to insert them anywhere on our form. You would think there would be myassignmentservices promo codes to accompany these great deals, but there are none. 

We tried to ask questions through the company’s live chat feature, but several times we were told to write our message and they would get back to us. This never happened. There is also a link to request a callback, but, again, we never received one. This is probably the most unresponsive customer service department we have ever experienced. 

The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful, the Ugly

What can we say? We have nothing good to say about this company, except that is is probably a legal company. The site is so crammed with the same redundant information, we got tired of trying to get through it. Navigation is terrible; the writing quality on samples and blog posts is terrible; we could not complete an order and even get a price. All of the discount offers do not even have a method to retrieve them. Further, to claim a huge number of writers all from top universities and all with Ph.D.’s is an obvious exaggeration. After five years in business, this company should be able to do much better. We urge students to stay far away from this company – it has nothing to offer, and, if they can get an order to go through, they will be wasting their money. There are so many solid and professional writing services out there, no one needs to use this one. Overall, we are assigning a rating of 1, on our 1-5-point scale.

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Reviewed My Assignment Services

bad experience from start to end - my writer was ok until she decided not to write the rest of the work!!??!

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Lasi Tanielu

Reviewed My Assignment Services

SCAM. Don't use this service, they only ask for money and never do the work on time. My order number was MAS46267 and I didn't receive a solution.

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True Lee

Reviewed My Assignment Services

I wish i could give 0 star. Please run away and save yourself. They will response to you quickly until you pay. After that, no response when you want refund. Don’t waste your money

0 helpful votes

Cody Barclay

Reviewed My Assignment Services

SCAM.. do not use this service
Within 5 mins I was promised that my assignment requirements could be met. Paid half the payment. Received a first draft of 2 out of the 4 question assignment to great disappointment. The first 2 questions were of that bad quality I would have been lucky to achieve 40% pass mark. I raised my issues with My Assignment and they assigned my assignment to another so called expert who promised delivery within 24, it has been 72 hours and still no solution. Contact My Assignment chat and raised my concerns and requested a refund. They never responded / never responded. Terrible Service and an absolute SCAM. All the positive reviews you read are done by their own people. BE VERY AWARE / NEVER USE THEIR SERVICES

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Reviewed My Assignment Services

I will give it a zero if I can, this company is a total scammer. I just wanted a used solution and was initially told that the solution is readily available but after you paid them the money, they just completely ignore you. I talked to their customer representative who was so rude and clearly was not willing to help. I was told that it should take 6 hours to get the solution, two days later, with no communication whatsoever from them. Contacted them again, and then was told that they will need another 10 hours. Then why did they even say the solution is available in the first place? Please avoid them at all-cause, they only want your money and take no responsibility.

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