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Table of Contents states that it has been in business for a “few years,” and we have been able to find evidence of its presence on the web for the past three years. We have prepared this Paper Now review as a part of continuing mission to evaluate writing services so that our users have important, objective information as they choose those they want to use. We have used the same following criteria in all of our reviews:

  • Paper Now Testimonials published on its site
  • The information the company provides on its website
  • Paper Now customer reviews that we have found off-site
  • Pricing, guarantees, and benefits
  • An evaluation of quality and customer service by ordering a short research paper ourselves

Products and Services You Will Find

PaperNow advertises that it provides both academic and business writing, but we are unsure exactly what it means by “business writing.” When we access the business writing link among its footer page, it appears that the term really refers to academic writing done for business students.

Nonetheless, there is a large listing of all of the academic writing products the company offers at the foot of the home page, and students can find virtually any type of assignment they might get, from a basic essay to a Ph.D. thesis or dissertation.

The problem with these footer pages is that they are mostly duplicates of information about the company and how someone can place an order. The content on the actual product is thin at best and poorly written. We opened several of the footer pages. The one titled “dissertation introduction” did contain some information on dissertations, but it was obvious that the writer had no real knowledge of how a dissertation is actually written.

The Real Proof – Writer Experience and Quality of Products

There is not a lot of information given about writers other than to say that there are over 1200 who are highly qualified in 50 different academic topic fields. Of course, there is no way to confirm this, so we have to go by customer experiences, along with our own, in terms of product quality. Here are some details we can offer:

  • The few off-site customer comments we found were not positive. Customers complained about quality of writing and old and low-quality resources.

  • The research paper we ordered, an 8-page piece on the U.S. Civil War, did not include a thesis statement, was filled with grammatical and word usage errors, and all resources were secondary. The quality was not college-level, and no professor would have found it decent.

  • does not provide any sample writing on its site, so it was impossible for us to have a wider range of products to evaluate.

  • Content on the site itself reflects poor writing too. An example statement is, “We don’t fraud you out of your money.” This would b typical of an ESL writer.

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

Paper Now prices do fall within the average range for the industry. A basic essay will run $11.87/page with a 14-day deadline. From there, they increase based on academic level and deadline requirements. Our paper was priced at $190.71 for 8 pages and a 7-day deadline, higher than average until the first-time customer discount of 15% was applied. To get PaperNow discounts, though, you have to provide your email address to receive a coupon code.

Payment methods are through a third-party processor and can be made via any major credit card or PayPal. Security is not an issue.

The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful, the Ugly

First, the good. This company takes orders, has secure methods of payment, and does deliver products to its customers. This means that there is no real fraud involved.

Second, the bad. Quality of writing is poor, as are the research resources used. As well, our experiences with customer service were not great. We couldn’t get detailed answers and were told that “someone would get back to us with answers.” No one ever did.

Third, the beautiful. We can’t find anything we can call “beautiful.” Footer pages are not well written and do not contain enough information for a customer to be well informed.

Fourth, the ugly. The biggest issue we have with this company is product quality, but we are also concerned that every page focuses much more on calls to place orders than on giving visitors good information.

Overall, we are disappointed in Paper Now. It spends most of its website content urging customers to place orders, especially if they have urgencies, rather than providing good information and any samples. For the money, students can find far better. Our rating of Paper Now is “Fair-to-Poor.”

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Reviewed PaperNow

They deceive consumers by claiming that their writers are professors. When compared to other paper writitng companies, they provide really poorly written essays.

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Reviewed PaperNow

they sent me a plagiarized essay, support tried to fix the situation but I didn't need it anymore

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Reviewed PaperNow

they sent me a plagiarized essay, support tried to fix the situation but I didn't need it anymore

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Kairon Maguire

Reviewed PaperNow

worst support ever!! they ignored me for a week after I paid for my essay. I got it in time but it includes typos and grammar errors. don't waste your money for this service!!

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Reviewed PaperNow

Bad. Poor Writers, Plagiarism. You better choose another service

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