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Table of Contents has been in the writing business since 2014. Over this time, we have had a number of comments from customers who have used this service, and a few requests for a full Paperovernight review. To accommodate these users, we have completed that review, based upon the same criteria that we always use – the information that the company website provides, Paper Overnight testimonials posted on the site, prices, quality of products and services, Paper Overnight reviews submitted to us and found on the web, samples of products, and our own assessment of a research paper we ordered.

Products and Services You’ll Find

While the landing page really promotes research paper writing, in reality students can order any type of academic writing, from high school forward through Ph.D. assignments and research projects. Virtually every type of academic writing is available, and there is a listing of services on the order form. In additional to new products, students can order editing, proofreading, and help with regular homework assignments.

The Real Proof – Writer Expertise and Quality of Products

Writer expertise and quality of products go hand-in-hand. The company states that all of its writers are native English-speaking experts in their fields and that all possess Master’s or Ph.D. degrees. This should be reflected in the products, but, unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case.

  • First, the content on the site itself is very poorly written – full of bad sentence structure, word usage errors and terrible punctuation.
  • The samples we read were also badly written. One on “U.S. Political Institutions” launched into an entire piece on healthcare in the U.S. There were several other pieces on healthcare, and all were equally as bad. In one instance, the old formatting of placing footnotes at the bottom of each age was used, and the resources were from 1997.
  • Paperovernight reviews that we found on the web were also very negative. Customers had the same complaints that were sent directly to us by our users. Writing is bad, resources are of low quality, often old and outdated, and most state they could never submit them as they were.

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

Paperovernight prices are about average, beginning at $10/page for high school level work and graduating up to $50/page for Ph.D. products with a 6-hour deadline. There is a Paper Overnight discount for new customers, and, while there was a statement about Paper Overnight promo codes, we found none. Customer support stated that they were occasionally given. We did not find any type of Paperovernight coupon codes for returning customers either.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

The customer support department is supposed to be open 24-hours a day. We did telephone and receive a voicemail message, but were finally able to get a live person on the line. The agent was nice enough but could not answer most of our questions. Live chat was not much better. We were able to communicate with out writer during the process, but at least in our case, the writer’s responses were very brief. Some customers stated they had difficulty getting revisions when requested.

The Good, The Bad, the Beautiful, the Ugly

Our review turned up lots of issues with this service. Quality is poor, customer support is lacking, and we certainly cannot recommend that anyone use it. Our PaperOvernight rating is “poor.”

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Reviewed Paperovernight

Even their name over night isn`t the right one. Why? Because they don`t do papers even in 24 hours, even a single-page paper. My wrecked paperwork didn`t even pass the plagiarism check in college. What a wrong decision I had made.

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Reviewed Paperovernight

Disrespectful communication all the way. I regret ordering my research paper at theirs. I had no profit at all. Wasted my time and my money. I demand the money I paid back. I will get them even if I have to sue you!

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Reviewed Paperovernight

If you could have imagined a bad place that gives lots of promises about the outcome result with anything (writing in my case), how would you name it? No doubts you`d call it - the representation of careless and unskilled writers to write nothing 24/7. I used them once and will never again.

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