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PapersHelm Review by All Top Reviews is a new writing service that has been in service for less than a year. We have decided to provide an early review now, because we have read some Papers Helm reviews on the web that have not been favorable. It is important that users of online writing services have factual information before they place their trust in a company to provide them original scholarly writing products. We have therefore provided this initial PapersHelm review. Note, we may come back at a future time and evaluate the company again, after it has been in business for a longer period. At this point, we are relying on our study of the website, comments and feedback of others who have used the service, and our experience from ordering a product.

Products and Service You Will Find

Products Helm advertises academic products and services for students in high school, college, and graduate programs. These include basic essays through doctoral dissertations, coursework assignments, presentations, research papers and proposals, and other common and not-so-common products.

In addition to specific coursework writing, our review found that students may also order admissions essays, personal statements, and editing and proofreading services.

A customer service department is manned, according to the company, around the clock and is available by live chat or telephone. We telephoned the company at several different times and were able to speak with a live rep on a few of them. The problem we discovered was that these reps had very little detailed information about the products, telling us in all instances to complete an order form and speak with our writer about the details.

The Real Proof – Quality of Products and Services

Papers Helm testimonials found on the site are very positive. However, the PapersHelm reviews from customers outside of that site are not so complimentary. There are complaints about writing quality, indicating that the text appeared to have been written by someone not familiar with English word usage and sentence structure.

We had concerns about the writing quality as well. We ordered a research paper of eight pages, with four resources and a 5-day deadline. It had the same issues that other customers identified. The resources used were a bit elementary for a college-level paper and word usage and grammar were not of the high quality expected by professors.

Papers Helm advertises that it has 300+ with Ph.D. degrees. This is really “over kill.” First, no company can have 300+ writers with those degrees within the first year of operation. Second, if the company serves high school students with cheaper essay prices, Ph.D.’s will not work for those prices. Professional writing companies have writers will all degree levels to serve a diverse student population.

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

PapersHelm Prices begin at $11.00/page for high school essays with a 15-day deadline and graduate up to $44+ per page for doctoral pieces with an urgent deadline. There are discounts available for new customers. In fact, at the time of our study of the site, there was a special limited time offer of a

50% Papers Helm discount for a new customer. We found this pretty surprising until we saw what was being advertised as the “regular” price. A 50% discount on our paper brought it into the average range for other paper writing services.

For returning customer, we found no special pricing, no Papers Helm promo codes or any type of PapersHelm coupon code. However, the company hints that a customer may call the customer support department and get a discount.

The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful, the Ugly

Papers Helm is a new company and is perhaps suffering the growing pains that new businesses do. However, it is engaging in some exaggerations and perhaps some falsehoods. For example, it offers samples of products supposedly from their writers. They have “SAMPLE” stamped across each page, and we were able to find these writings elsewhere on the web. As well, advertising 300+ Ph.D. writers is clearly an exaggeration. At this point, we are assigning a rating of “Fair” to “Poor.”


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Papers Helm Customers’ Reviews

Reviewed Papers Helm

I have received a research paper from them this morning. To be honest, I'm disappointed. It was about half an hour late, which is not a big deal, but it also needed a revision. The paper was really bad. And I'm not talking about all these grammar and spelling mistakes. The content is poor. Next time I will order from another service for sure. It's a waste of money.

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Reviewed Papers Helm

What a terrible service! My paper was late for two hours! It's crucial when you have an urgent order! And what makes me even angrier is that the writer didn’t follow my guidelines. I can’t hand in a paper like this! Also the support manager has said that I will not get any refund, so now I have to order the same paper from another service and pay for it again.

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Reviewed Papers Helm

This service disappointed me! The writer failed to meet the deadline, while I needed this particular paper on time. And I was shocked that the support managers didn't tell me about the delay. They couldn't even tell me how long I had to wait when I called them. I think you cannot trust this company if you have an urgent order. At least I won't order from them again.

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Reviewed Papers Helm

I submitted detail instructions for a 2200 word research proposal assignment and provided a sample of how the paper was to be written yet the writers failed to meet the instructions. The paper was written by someone with english as their second language, very poorly written, sentences made no sense, poorly referenced, instructions not followed and i dont think the writer actually knew how to write a research proposal. The paper was reviewed 5 times. The first 2 reviews nothing was changed, the third a sentence or two, the fourth a paragraph and the 5th they changed headlines and added irrelevant information. I paid for a 12 hour deadline, 5 days and 5 reviews later i gave up. Missed my deadline to submit at university. Customer support is just automated responses despite numerous emails. Wrote a review about their service on sitejabber and they responded quickly, a day later i had a representarive call me pleading for another 12 hours to review the paper again, said there was no point as all the reviews had led no where and deadline had passed. Stated i would be entitiled to a refund and the refund department would contact me shortly. They did, 8 hours later via email stating i wasnt entitled to a refund because i had "used their service", i never submitted a paper supplied by them because of the poor quality hence the request for reviews. They then "generously" (insert sarcasm) offered me 65% off on future orders. Why would i use them again after such a horrible experience??
Buyer beware! Do not use this service if you have any intention on receiving a decent paper. I spent $280 and all i got was a headache, missed deadline and 5 days wasted. Plenty of other services out there. AVOID papershelm at all costs!!

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Reviewed Papers Helm

First of all, please look at the other complaints from the BBB so that you realize that I am not the only one saying this.

1. The quality of the paper produced was so poor. The citations were wrong and everything was misquoted. Names were misspelled and the errors in what was expected to turn in as an English assignment went far beyond comprehension. The writer did not even have a good understanding of writing an English paper for an American class. After 3 revisions, it was delivered to me after the deadline. I had to write the paper myself. Of course they don't give a refund.

2. They charged me twice for the paper. I was supposed to get a discount and I requested a refund when I didn't get it. I was told I would be refunded the initial amount and I reorderd with the discount. Then I was told that I could only get 70% of my money back even though the two transactions happened within a half hour., Their refund policy stated that I would get 100% on duplicate orders. They said that because I cancelled the first order, I was not entitled to 100% refund and then they changed their online refund policy two days later. I have asked them repeatedly for my 70% refund and I have been continually ignored. I paid for a paper two times that I had to write myself.

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Papers Helm comments

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Reviewed Papers Helm

My paper was late. It was written well, but because I handed it in the next day, my grade was reduced. It's a pity that they fail to meet the deadlines. You can't rely on them if you have an urgent order.

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Reviewed Papers Helm

If I knew I would have such problems with ordering from this company, I would never place an order. My essay is awful!

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Reviewed Papers Helm

I placed an order with papers helm, paid for a college level paper and received a paper that was written by someone with english as their second language. The paper had soo ma y gramatical and formating errors and didnt actually adress the question of the paper. 5 revisions later, maybe a paragraph in the 2200 word assignment was changed. Still did not meet the description of the paper. I missed my deadline and wasted $280 for a paper that couldnt be used. I emailed them numerous time regarding my concerns, eventually someone called me and told me i would be entitled to a refund which they later emailed me and offered me 65% off future orders. Its been back and forth with papers helms for over 3 weeks and all they are offering is 15% refund, when 0% of the paper was used. Avoid at all costs!! Buyer beware!!

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