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This review has been provided in response to many requests that we are now getting for tutoring services. The company headquarters is located in Canada, but it serves English-speaking students from anywhere. To offer this Skooli review, we used several factors – all of the content on the company website, including the on-site Skooli testimonials, the specific tutoring services offered along with qualifications and credentials of tutors, Skooli reviews that we found off-site on the web, processes and procedures, prices, discounts, if offered, and any additional services and/or benefits. We also read online privacy pages carefully. Our goals here were multiple. We wanted to determine if this service is reliable and can be trusted by students. Further, we wanted to be sure there were no significant legal issues or serious allegations of misconduct. We did not find any of these. The following paragraphs detail our experiences and those of others.

We hope this summary will help as you look for the right tutoring service.

Products and Services You Will Find.

Skooli is an online tutoring service only, operated like this: Students search by subject area and academic level, and are then present with tutors. They select the tutor after “interviewing” them.

Once a tutor is selected, the student sets up a schedule with his/her tutor. This may involve long-term tutoring if a student is struggling with a course, or short-term help if specific homework or assignment help is required.

Communication between tutor and student can occur via a number of venues – video, audio, whiteboard technology, chat and instant messaging, sharing of files, and the ability to save and replay video sessions.

There are other services here as well. Skooli works directly with K-12 schools and universities. They offer online learning options. However, we should note that our review is written only with 1 to 1 tutoring services in mind.

The Real Proof – Tutor Experience and Quality of Services

According to the website, all tutors have degrees and credentials in their content areas, and once students have submitted their subject areas, only those tutors who are qualified will be presented.

Skooli reviews from some customers, however, do not support this. Customers have stated that they were given potential tutors who did not have degrees in the subjects they wanted. We found the same when we entered our subject area and academic level. We suspect the site sets very broad criteria when determining which tutors are qualified to work within specific area expertise. While this is likely not an issue for more basic subjects, it could lead to a reduction in quality for more advanced topics.

We believe that a company’s policies and guarantees are also a factor that determines quality. Because of this, we read Skooli’s policy documents carefully. We considered their privacy policy to be exceptionally important. Overall, we were impressed. They are very forthcoming about the data they collect, how they use it, and how they share that information with other entities. We believe their practices are above board. However, we always urge students to read these policy documents themselves. Also, keep in mind that these policies may have changed prior to this review being published.

Now the Money – Prices, discounts, Payment Methods

Skooli prices are set at $0.82 per minute. It does not matter what academic level or what degrees a tutor may have – the pricing is always the same. Customers will not find any Skooli discount with accompanying Skooli promo codes or any other type of Skooli coupon code for special pricing. Please be aware that 82 cents per minute adds up quickly.

In terms of payment methods, once a student has selected a tutor and set up a schedule, he puts money on account with the company based upon a period of minutes he initially wants. Once that money is used up, the student must put more money on account. The usual payment methods or accepted – bank cards, PayPal, etc. Making payment here appears to be safe, and the company is reliable in delivering services.

Still, we always urge students to only make payments to a service if they feel comfortable. Remember that an option such as PayPal is usually the most secure.

The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful, the Ugly

Online tutoring has become more and more popular. Many students are choosing it to get extra help outside the classroom if they are struggling with a specific assignment or with the larger course content. And because of this, tutoring companies are springing up in large numbers. As we look at the pros and cons of Skooli, we have found this: while tutors may have degrees and credentials, the company may not yet have a large enough variety. In order to give choices to students, tutors without the specific topic area of need are still presented to those students. Further, students have so many free and low-cost options to obtain academic tutoring. They may be able to receive services of equal value through their schools’ student centers, free tutoring services, or using study guides. Students who are willing and able to pay 82 cents per minute, may be just as likely to pay for comprehensive academic services as described in dozens of our other reviews.

Hopefully, the company will expand its tutoring staff. At this point, our rating is “Fair.

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Reviewed Skooli

I utilized their services first and the ;last time. I believe that the prices might be a little lower for the qua;ity they are able to provide

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Reviewed Skooli

I needed a tutor and posted an order but nobody contacted me

0 helpful votes

Naresh Parmar

Reviewed Skooli

I applied for skooli expert.
its been more than 4 months but still there is no response from the management team.
total waste of time and energy.

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Reviewed Skooli

After half a year of work with their tutor I havent` seen any results. My grades arent improving, and my mom says she wont pay that much money for useless services.

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Reviewed Skooli

Skooli is good for those who know what they need. If you’re looking for Law help here, you’re doing yourself a disservice and you probably suck at being a lawyer anyway. Okay for school age kids.

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