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Don’t Kiss a Lot of Toads – Find a Prince of a Dissertation Writing Service Quick

  • Posted by Amanda
  • June 01, 2017
Don’t Kiss a Lot of Toads – Find a Prince of a Dissertation Writing Service Quick

Here’s the thing about writing services. There are so many “toads” out there, that students sometimes get burned a number of times before finding one that is professional, with qualified ENL researchers and writers who produce quality. Once they do find that service, they stick with it until they graduate.

You don’t have the time or money to keep trying out dissertation writing services. You need to find the right one quickly and be confident that you will get the help you need for this complex process. If you have spoken at all with graduates, the will all tell you that planning to spend over a year on this project is pretty common. You can probably shorten this time with the right scholarly assistance.

Here are some tips that provide a quick way to select the best dissertation writing service.

  1. Check Out Reputations/Recommendations

Access a reputable review site that provides objective and detailed dissertation writing service reviews. When you find sites with high ratings that offer dissertation writing help, make a list of them for further research. This will just be your first step.

  1. Check with Ph.D. Graduates

You may know peers who have recently graduated. Where did they find help? If any of them used a dissertation writing service, if only just for editing, get the name and add it to your list.

  1. Have a List of Questions Ready

You need to satisfy yourself that a service you are considering is going to give you the right answers to some key questions. Here are the types of questions to ask before you fork over any money.

  • Will you get a researcher/writer who is a Ph.D. in your research field? How will they guarantee this?
  • Can you talk with your assigned writer and discuss what you will need before you actually pay for any order?
  • Will you get progressive delivery of sections as they are completed? You want to approve of each portion before the writer continues
  • Do they have progressive payment arrangements, so that you can make payments as you order each section or task?
  • Will your writer be available for discussion on a regular basis?
  • Will you get revisions as you request them?

Ask what is the fastest timeframe that they have for producing a full dissertation. Any service that gives you an unreasonably short timeframe is not one you want.

Putting It All Together

Your initial list was probably not long. By the time you choose only those dissertation writing services that are highly rated by the review site, add any that peers might recommend, and ask your questions, you will have narrowed even your small list to perhaps one or two. Now you are ready to select the best one for you.

Have another discussion with the writers that each of these services would assign to you. Explain the scope of services you want and listen to their responses. With which one are you more comfortable? Which one do you feel listens to you better? This will help you make that final decision.

Above all, do NOT choose a writing service randomly just from a single phone conversation or chat with a customer service agent. While they may be friendly and helpful, they will not be helping you with your dissertation. You need the best professional scholar you can find.

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