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How Can I Find the Best Essay Writer Service?

  • Posted by Amanda
  • December 13, 2015
How Can I Find the Best Essay Writer Service?

It's getting to be that time of year, a new semester, and a new start. All of us are preparing for classes, whether we are simply going back to improve our education after being out for a few years. Or we may be starting right after college. Either way we all have similar goals, as well as issues. Between research and the much needed multitudes of careers we need to pay for tuition, there might not be time to actually sit down in front of a computer and type our essay. However there is a much easier solution, by using an essay writers service you can easily make the time needed for more important tasks. The question however is who has the best essay writer service?


1. Search the websites for any mistakes or signs of being unprofessional
The best essay writers site  will be easy to navigate and will be laid out in a professional manner. Be aware of anything that shows lack of professionalism such as:

  • Multiple pop up ads: This is usually a sign of malicious software and shows that the site is unsafe
  • The site asking you to download suspicious software
  • Bright and colorful formatting
  • Hyperlinks and buttons leading you to incorrect pages: This makes the site confusing to maneuver through and makes finding the correct service so much longer
  • Multitudes of grammar and editing mistakes: As an essay writing service grammar and spelling should be one of their top priorities.
  • Links leading you to other essay writer websites

These show that the company doesn't care about the service they give you and you will more than likely end up with a piece of plagiarized work. Which will get you in trouble at school, most cases of plagiarism end with the student facing expulsion, as well as help you lose your money.

2. Look at the reviews
These are real people who have received a real service from these companies. These are people who needed help and looked into these companies for help. Now admittedly everyone will receive both good and bad reviews, however  all reviews will state common themes that the companies have. For example one review may state that the service was good as they were able to get the work to you on time. While another reviewer may state that they rushed through the work which lead to them getting an essay that they couldn't turn in.

3. Try to contact the company
The best essay writers site will always have a page with contact information. It may be in names and e-mail addresses, or phone numbers, and each one should state what kind of questions they can answer for you. Take five minutes to contact the company through e-mail or another form of instant messaging and ask a simple question. The company should be fast to respond, as well as be quick to find and send you an answer. 

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