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The Best Advice For New College Students

  • Posted by Amanda
  • December 12, 2015
The Best Advice For New College Students

No matter where you go, somebody is going to give you advice based on how you look. Admittedly you might sometimes need it while other times you know what you want to do and exactly how you'll do it. Either way, we have gathered a multitude of tips for new college students that will help you thrive throughout the school year.


1. Visit blogs based on helping new students
There are hundreds of them! Simply go to your search engine and type something along the lines of “10 study tips for college students" and is guaranteed that you will be met with 100's upon thousands of trustworthy results. Gain notes and insight from the posts and help yourself find the best option for yourself.


2. Attend your orientations

 Attendance is common advice for new university students however very few students follow it. It usually leads to those students not being able to easily maneuver their campus, which tends to make them late. You'll feel so much more at ease.


3. Get organized

Although it is never as bad as your teacher says it will be they are right about one thing. Don't expect them to hold your hand. From kindergarten through high school, your teachers would simply walk you through the due dates and assignments. In college they will not do that, they will give you the assignments and the due dates at the beginning of the year and will expect you to get them done. Organization will come in handy. Buy a calendar, use an app, whatever it takes for you to get those assignments on track and finished.


4. Take advantage of the resources

Use of resources is one of the first pieces of advice for new college students because all campuses have resources for the students to use. If you want food, but you don't want to risk being late for your next class, simply visit the food court or concession stand for a quick bite to eat. If you need a quiet place to study, as well as help or advice try looking around for a tutor or study lab.

5. Take responsibility for yourself

Being responsible what being an adult is all about, learning and owning up to your mistakes. Take time, admit what you may have done wrong, and decide how you'll be better next time.

Stay healthy. Don't let college be your excuse to sit around at a computer to study, and only eat pizza and ramen noodles. Take time out of your day to exercise, most schools have gyms that are free for the students to use. Even if your budget only allows for ramen and pizza that doesn't give you an excuse to not eat right. Try cutting out the pizza for a few days and buy a bag of frozen vegetable to toss into your noodles. You'll feel much happier and more energized.


6. Budget, budget, budget

Money is important, and like in the earlier tip you might end up with so little you have to eat ramen for a while. Simply take the time to create a budget for the week, as well as prioritize what you need. After all, it can take one bad choice to ruin your budget.


So whenever you go to the store if you see something you like, ask yourself these three questions

  • Do I need it?
  • Is it more important than food or books?
  • Is it possible I can't live without it for another week?

If no were your answer to any of those questions, then you shouldn't get it.


7. Purchase your books online
Now some campuses have books made specifically for their school, which means that you have to buy them there. However you can still save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your books for the semester by simply purchasing online or even from a friend who is ahead of you.

8. Keep in touch with your family

 As a student, you'll be tempted to think that you're growing up and don't need your family, and that's not true. You'll always need your family, and you should give your parents the occasional phone call. They will miss you, and will want to hear from you. Just don't go overboard with it.

Join a club or group. One of the hard things about going to college is finding people with the same interests as you. However, there is usually a club for just about everyone and everything. From artwork to sports it is guarantee


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