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Highest Paying Jobs with High School Diploma

  • Posted by Amanda
  • February 24, 2016
Highest Paying Jobs with High School Diploma

In a world defined by competition, having a higher education can open many doors to a promising career. Still, unfortunately, not all people can afford to go to college. Even so, it appears that for those who are unable to attend college, there is a range of high-paying high school degree jobs, which don’t require a higher education diploma. Just read on to discover the highest paying jobs with high school diploma.

  • Postal carrier

It appears that postal carriers earn quite a sum – a yearly average of $52.000. A postal carrier’s responsibilities are sorting and delivering mail and packages in a particular district. Even though this job may appear effortless, sometimes, it can become quite stressful. However, calm individuals may find that this position fits their salary expectations, as $52.000 a year is a pretty nice sum.

  • License Inspector

A license inspector’s responsibility is to check licenses and permits of individual contractors, small and large businesses, as well as settle whether everything is in order according to the regulations or not. For those who are keen on developing their organizational skills, this is the ideal job position – it pays an average of $64,960 a year, something to look forward to. Thus, this position is certainly one of the very best high school degree jobs one can think of.

  • Boilermaker

Among best jobs you can get with high school diploma, there’s that of a boilermaker. Typically, a boilermaker’s yearly income is $55,800. What does the job encompass? First, a boilermaker deals with constructing, repairing and maintaining steam boilers, as well as boiler house auxiliaries. For those who aren’t afraid of strenuous manual labor and a loud working environment, being a boilermaker is certainly an attractive career choice.

  • Gaming Supervisor

One doesn’t have to be the owner of a casino to earn real money. Being a gaming supervisor is one of the most appealing high school degree jobs. A gaming supervisor’s responsibility is to oversee the activity of the employees inside a casino. Plus, he/she has to deal with various customer complaints, as well as inform them about the rules and regulations of the local authorities. Such a job is paid with $50,000 a year, which is pretty good, especially as it doesn’t require a higher education.

  • Underwater Welder

Among the very best high school degree jobs, we have selected that of an underwater welder. For those who find water activities intriguing and attractive, such a position is more than perfect. Such a career is, indeed, challenging, requiring a set of skills, but for those who are made for it, it is genuinely rewarding, as the annual income ranges from $54,750 to $93,000. What does an underwater welder do? He needs to construct and repair submerged structures including bridges and oil rigs. However, one has to be in top physical condition for such a career and have a natural inclination towards dangerous activities.

As you can see, there is a range of good paying jobs out of high school that you can consider. Thanks for reading this article!

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